Monday, April 29, 2013

Our "Drive" for RC cars to deliver to St. Jude patients in June is underway! We are less than 20% away from our monetary goal, or you can drop off a toy at The Grasshopper Children's Boutique in downtown Athens, AL, or at Madison Church of Christ on Hughes Road in Madison, AL during business hours, which I think are until 4 p.m. T-F. If you are local and you would like to just hand me cash or a check, that works, but if you want to do it all online and be done, the link is RC Cars for St. Jude from Eli's Friends . I have written the toy company that makes Eli's favorite RC car that he used the most, so cross your fingers that they might have over-runs or something we can get at a discount.

We celebrated Caleb's 5th birthday Sunday and plan a little trip in a couple of weeks for him to ride a train. He adores trains, always has, so we are excited to take a little overnight trip. Hg and Vic are at Space Camp for a field trip, which she has been excited about for weeks and weeks.
 I am distracted by a variety of things, but with my new perspective brings a new attitude :) Eli seems to be doing well. I am waiting for the stomach bug to hit because it is slowly taking out members of our posse. I can't really get a good grip on how he is doing in school. He brings home good grades, but he hasn't seemed to improve on his reading. I see so many of the radiation kids that do not improve from whatever level they were at when treated, so I worry. He has complained lately about being tired, but
we are busy, busy and do more dragging-around-of-kids than I like to do. He has gained a little weight, we think, about 6 or 7 pounds, but to have him eat healthy stuff is such a struggle, for all the kids really. Abbey is enjoying softball, mostly to go to games, but not to play.
She suffered her second "injury" in about four weeks of play. If her finger didn't break at that first knuckle, it is a really nasty jam. All the kids are excited for the fingernail to come off. They are all enjoying karate and have their fighting PJs now, and Abbey got some kind of patch for doing push-ups. I will be glad to get this weekend behind me, to witness fruits of our labor in pulling off this charity 5k. Mother's Day won't come quick enough and I will be glad to take the little overnight to ride Caleb's train.

Please, check our prayer page for names to include in your prayers. May is brain cancer awareness month, Yay! Gray Matters :)

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