Thursday, March 14, 2013

having fun on the playground at Target House
A child’s prayer should not include “Please, help me to not have cancer anymore.” Within the “Thank Yous” for Jesus, cars, trucks, school and Daddy, should only be “Please, help Betts feel better, and, please, help bad people be good, and, please, help us get a fence to get a dog, and please, please, let us go to Disney World this year…. Oh, and back to the beach, too.” If witnessing the father of Evil’s touch in this world right now is not enough for every single person capable of comprehending the unfathomable to unite under the only force mightier, then nothing will. There is nothing, not a horror left. Satan is firing both barrels; this is his charge right now. I think about terrorists that use children as shields to block the gunfire of their enemies, and the rightful outrage at such a monstrous atrocity incurs. Satan is doing the same thing! Just yesterday I finally read a blog by a young father of four who is a medical missionary in Africa. He and his wife just found out on Tuesday, I think, that their two-year-old daughter had medulloblastoma, and today she passed away. He is a medically trained professional, but I think they just didn’t get her diagnosed quickly.
Then she developed an infection after her surgery and died today. Another girl in our hometown found out yesterday that she relapsed in her cancer. I’m sorry all of that is so negative, which is absolutely not the vibe I want going into tomorrow, but it is heartbreaking to see this all the time. And what I see is only a blink in comparison to the scope of it all. But when the breath of Evil seeps into this child’s prayer, it is such a blind-sided blow that I come up swinging. I’m going to calm and go to bed because we WILL be traveling home tomorrow and I have a Birmingham trip as well. Just please remember there are so many parents suffering tonight because of Satan’s abuse in using their children as pawns. Keep them in your prayers. Eli has had a runny nose today, and it seems really runny and stuffy tonight. He has been in a good mood, eaten well (all the bad stuff). Caleb has done great. We have an early morning with OT, then our doc appointment for results, then audiology and home!

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