Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eli trying to learn to put on his hearing aids
I walked up to the Publix deli meat counter to order and the deli lady started smiling really big. “Go Buckeyes!” she said jovially. Hmm, sure, I reckon, why not. “Are you from Ohio?” “Umm, no. I’m just from here.” You know, where we are standing … Ahhh! Wait a minute, it’s the shirt, right? “ooh, sorry. I’m just wearing it because it was cheap. But I really like it, if that helps.” I bought an Ohio State University shirt off of the clearance rack at K-mart because I needed a cheap workout shirt. It had a return price tag on it, so I figured someone got it for Christmas when visiting Ohio, and then returned it when they got home – in Alabama. I love it. In general, I am a huge t-shirt fan, so that is kind of the basis for it all. But this shirt fits just the way I want it to, which is big to make room for the extra 40 pounds I’ve gained over the last 10 months. It’s the heather gray, which means it is a poly-cotton blend, perfect for exercising. But, I will get at least
FINALLY!! Shame on mommy for taking so long.
 three comments on it when I wear it, and I have had five today. If it’s not Blue and Orange, or Crimson and White, it stands out like, well, like an Ohio State shirt around here. This will be surprising, but I am a bit of a non-conformist, a bit of a rebel –not the Ole Miss kind, although aren’t they the bears now. Anyway, so I do enjoy being a member of the minority wearing just about any off-team shirt. The only ones I would refuse (besides the obvious being that I did graduate from Auburn) are Notre Dame and Southern Cal, and I would have trouble with wearing Oregon, Miami and Nebraska. As I said, today I wore the OU shirt, and Caleb wore Auburn. We had two comments at St. Jude this morning that we were a “house divided.” Yes, we are, in many ways. Eli had an appointment this morning at St. Jude to receive his hearing aids. I took the boys over Sunday night, so we could make the 9 a.m. appointment easily. We did not hang around because it was so bitter cold that a zoo visit was not possible, and I needed to get back to pick up the girls who had stayed behind with Vic. Eli wasn’t excited about getting the hearing aids, but has kept them on and even made sure he put them back on after his shower. So, we’ll see how he does with
The boys being patient at Wilson Dam for pictures. We
cross there sometimes when we travel back and forth.
 them. Since we are traditionally separated, we started a new venture last week as a family. I have wanted to find some kind of sport for Eli to participate in, so I signed him up for Karate. Vic decided to take with him, then Hannah Grace heard about it, so I signed her up. Then Abbey didn’t like it because they were doing something she wasn’t getting to do, so I signed her up to. Then I realized that I would be taking everyone over there, so why not sign up me and Caleb. So, we six are taking karate lessons. Punching and kicking sounded pretty good to me, but after bear crawling, and jogging for warm-ups, I realized that I did not leave myself an out, a way to quit without being a quitter in front of the kids. I need to find a special clause that says “44 –year-old females are prohibited from continuing lessons beyond three due to the increased cost of insurance to have such females participating at intense levels of activity.” It is not my thing. The memorization of the moves is going to put such a strain on my brain that I won’t be able to walk when our lesson is over.

The kids in their "ready" position at the beginning of class.
 It won't be because I am sore, but because my brain will not work in order to tell my body to walk. I am as limber as a short piece of board, too.  All others did fine with the first lesson. It will be interesting to see how well it is received the farther along we get, when the novelty has worn off and when Sensei Daniel is stricter. We are running over with appointments, events, sports, school, church activities. Our calendar is overflowing and I am not finding time to write like I would like to. I would love to have a guest blogger, just send me your stuff. This week is our spring break. We got back from Memphis this morning, and I promised the girls that they could have a sleepover Tuesday night, then we will be going to Nashville Thursday for the Lads to Leaders convention. I am also helping coach Abbey’s softball team, and am heavily involved with pulling off a really cool 5k run/walk for our
Easter bunny and the Williams-Yeager crowd.
 school this year. Vic wants me to look for a job, too, and unless it is something I can do with my eyes closed so that I can double-task it with sleep, I’m not sure how I will work it in. Speaking of sleep, I think I will take my OU shirt upstairs and grab a couple of hours. That will come in handy tomorrow when a few extra kids show up. Please, add Cody and James to your prayer list. They are both medullo. James is in Australia. He is 4yo, I think. His treatment followed side-by-side with Eli. Cody is still being treated, maybe at Children’s in Alabama, but I’m not sure on that.

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