Saturday, January 12, 2013

This was a morning during the break. Everyone hd just gotten
up. They were watching TV.
Hannah Grace needed help narrowing her broad choice of a research project for school. She wanted something in history, but wanted it to appeal to her classmates because there was going to be some kind of contest or choice. Something about only a few subjects would be chosen to actually use, and she really wanted hers to be picked. But she feared the boys (those yucky boys!) would never agree to anything she offered. So, I accepted the challenge and we put our girl heads together. When all the rattling settled, what came out was “Bad Guys of the American West: And the Good Guys that chased them.” Cool. I told her, “Oooh, Jeege (how I pronounce her nickname of just the “G”), this will be fun. There were some really interesting outlaws from back then.” It sounded interesting to her and included the history that she wanted, and the West, which surely was similar to Little House on the Prairie because they were out West, right? Double cool! I didn’t have time to elaborate for her, it was a good bit passed her bedtime. She had to turn it in the
 next day, so I sent her on leaving me to find books on Amazon for her to read to support her project. I quickly learned that these guys weren’t called outlaws because they played one on TV. These were some real, mean dudes, as in they were real, and they were real mean. Okay, well, I will tweak it a bit, I thought, and she can make it “Bad Guys AND Girls of the American West.” That’ll work, just sprinkle in a little estrogen to soften it up a bit. Well, Hello Dolly! My eyes were seared after reading the word prostitute so many times. I just added a new level of outlaw with crime by feminine wiles. I don’t know if I’m going to escape this project without some kind of “talk.” Anyway, I searched a little on Amazon and came up with Butch Cassidy, who I think read that never shot anyone, and Belle Starr who never shot anyone (and hopefully her extracurricular activity will be easily glazed over), Wyatt Earp, and about stagecoaches and the railroad (heavy stagecoach and railroad).
She and Abbey both are working on writing books. Hg has been “researching” for a couple of days, and Abbey has hardly laid her pencil down, winging it as she goes. That’s my girl! She’s writing about dragons this time, so I’ve had to come with the name of a kingdom in the sky. With that, the Land of Silver Lining was born. I’m pretty sure I’ve been mayor of the Land of Silver Lining for a while now or at least a City Planner. We’ve had a new normal day today. Eli and Abbey had their first Upward basketball games. I was thrilled to be there and could not stop smiling. His game was at 900 hours, and Vic came to me and said, “Would it be ok if you took him instead of me?” I said, “What?! I planned for us all to go. This is a big deal.” He said, “Well, yeah, I guess it is. You’re right, we need to all go.” Yes, it is a big deal; everything from now on is a big deal. It was just amazing to see him out there, just out there. He is not a contributing player as far as the competition goes, but he was running, paying attention, and talking with his buddies. To think of where he was just a few months ago, and then to see him today was truly an amazing thing to witness. Then, to come home and watch him outside, running on the sidewalk chasing
Caleb, then a few minutes later pulling Caleb in the wagon around the yard, it just makes you want to stop the cars that pass and say, “Do you see this, look, just look at that!”. He had a great week at school last week. He did not like me picking him up early, so we scrapped that by Wednesday. He had so much fun and was very interested in what was expected of him. We are struggling with what I expected to struggle with, and that is getting in the juicing that he needs, and just the volume of nutrition he needs in general. I continue to be TERRIFIED of the lurking viruses out there (please, parents, if your kids are sick, as in if they run a temp other than their norm – I know the 100 rule, but we all know what our kids run normally, and if it is above that, something is happening - please, keep them home. Not just for my Eli, but for 
everyone else’s sake. Twenty-four hours free of temp, does not include the hours he or she is under the influence of medication. Your 24 can’t start to count down until the meds where off. This should be common sense, but still it is ignored.). But, overall, he seems to feel really good, and is obviously getting stronger. We continue to take Girl Scout cookie orders, especially any that you would like to donate to the nurses at St. Jude. Eli and I will take them in March. Lots of little ones to remember tonight: I visited Ryan and his family briefly Friday night, just after they came home from the hospital (wish it hadn’t timed out that way). He was asleep, but I visited with his mom and they are just kind of getting through the days. Please, pray for Ryan’s comfort, and for them all to feel peace. Special prayers for Thomas, as they continue to wait for his heavy meds to wear off before proceeding with a treatment for his relapse. Remember, MacKenzy at St. Jude struggling with her long and drawn-out treatments. She and her mother have been at St. Jude a good many weeks now. My daughter Abbey played Mackenzy’s little sister Lillian’s team in basketball this morning, and I my heart hurt for her mother Kelli. I think of the many things that I missed of the kids’ while I was in Memphis, and it is a terrible torture. Thank you all for remembering Eli. I fight the want/wish/need to act like I am over some kind of hill, or run through some kind of finish line, but we have not. We are just enjoying a new perspective along this journey.

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