Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eli is having some great days, and that is kind of how I look at it; I just get to the end of that day, lie in my bed and thank God for that one day that he was well. We can't know what's cooking on the inside, and relapse is a huge cloud over us especially the more and more I read, but today was a really good day. And, I had a great day... since you asked. I was invited to play tennis in the Bubble. It has rained at least 40 days and nights here, so Decatur puts up a bubble over a couple of courts. I was able to join April and Missy in their lesson with the professional there. April, who I have known for many years, knew what she was getting into when she asked, so I can't feel sorry for her, but poor Missy, had no idea. I tried to be quiet, honest.

My next guest blogger, from the Hoover area near Birmingham, Alabama, is a children's cheerleader, no doubt. We have enjoyed meeting her and she has always hit the nail on the head with gifts for Eli. Her heart is big and I wish for her much success.

By Darla Hall
I am honored to be asked to be a guest blogger and wanted to share a few thoughts with you as the new year gets started. My name is Darla Hall and I met Eli's family through my activity books that I created in July, 2012.  A mutual friend, Jerry Bailey, connected us through Facebook.
Eli is second from the top right. That is during his first chemo cyle, and I
believe that is Darla's son with her.
I own a marketing company and I write children's activity books and Apps based on team sports. It's something that started straight from my heart, not from some business meeting or dream that I had. On September 14, 2011, I called one of my clients to confirm a meeting. He answered and said, "I can't meet today. My son has just been hit by a car and I am going to the hospital." I later found out that his mom watched this whole incident happened. His name is Miles Waldrop and he was 8 years old at the time.

As a mom, my heart was aching for this family. To watch your child go through any kind of pain is indescribable.  To watch a car hit your child would be devastating. After the initial shock, I called the office and found out that he was OK and had two broken legs. For an active 8-year-old, his recovery was going to seem like a lifetime.  I immediately thought about what I could get him while he was at home recovering. He loved Alabama football, so my first thought was some type of activity book themed around the team. I searched high and low and could not find anything. So, that night, I went home and created my own gift to Miles and named it the Roll Tide Activity Book. Then, my thoughts went to every child in a hospital who is going through treatments or illness that would keep them from enjoying the day to day activities that we so often take for granted. So, I added the War Eagle Activity Book. I wanted to offer the kids in hospitals something free, so I made these books into Apps that they could download.

Eli was the first recipient of my War Eagle Activity Book. I'll talk about that in my next blog. I believe that God puts people in your path for a reason and its up to us to make something wonderful happen.

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