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Below is a post by my friend and Eli's former Cub Scout Den leader. Eli loved the short time he had in Cub Scouts before being diagnosed, and he often asks about being a scout again. So, I look forward to him re-upping. Special thanks to Kim for writing, and for gathering the kids' input at the end. They are so sweet, it's not a wonder that Eli wants to get back to school.

By Kim Harbin
I had the privilege of being Eli's Cub Scout Den leader last  year. The Cub Scouts and I were devastated when we heard about Eli’s diagnosis. The Cub Scouts and I wanted to do something to show our support for him and let him know we were praying for him to get better. I made badges for the scouts to wear to all scout activities, we made a large poster to be signed by everyone in ABS Pack 25, and we put a goody basket together with all kinds of scout activities to keep him busy at St. Jude. 
Here is a group photo we took when we visited the Fire Station.
Eli is in the middle w/o a hat. 

Here is a photo of us when Eli was awarded with his
Tiger badge (just a couple of weeks before his diagnosis).

The cub scout badges made for the troop to wear while Eli was gone.
My son, Hunter, wanted to visit Eli at St. Jude; so, we set out on a mission to take the scout goodies to him and we could not wait to see how he was doing. When we got there, my heart ached for his mother and the rest of his family. As we drove closer to the hospital, I started remembering the scare we had with Hunter the previous year when a tumor was found at the base of his neck. I remembered how I felt after Hunter’s surgery when Dr. Gilbert met with us and told us that what he saw was worse than he expected and he was sending the tumor to St. Jude for a biopsy. Watching Hunter in pain after his surgery was the worst feeling I had ever felt. Waiting for those results was agonizing. Later, we were so thankful to God and for all the many prayers that went up for Hunter when we found out the tumor was benign.

Here is Hunter giving Eli the scout goodies from ABS Pack 25.
Eli had only been out of one of his surgeries a day, so he
couldn't move his neck or sit up very well.
So, my heart strings were being pulled even tighter as we parked and began walking up to the hospital to see Eli. I was trying so hard to think about what I was going to say when I saw them. I was afraid I would start crying and I wanted to be strong for them. Somehow, I pulled myself together and just focused on trying to make the visit fun for the boys and concentrated on showing Eli all of the cool scout stuff his Pack sent to him. When we got to the room, I could tell Kristie was fearful of what her little boy was up against. But, at the same time, I could see the warrior in her. I remember one of her first missions was to get Eli on every prayer list in the universe. Within about a week, I think it was accomplished!

I was honored when I got a message from Kristie asking if I wanted to be a guest blogger for her as she tried to find time to work on her book about this experience. At first I thought, “Oh, man! I am not a writer. Kristie is such a good writer and my posts are going to seem so elementary compared to everyone else’s!” But, I feel honored to contribute anyway and figure everyone will just look past all of my grammatical errors and such.

Hunter and I were so excited when we heard that Eli was going to be with his friends again at school after Christmas break. So, I decided I wanted to do a little something special to mark this occasion. I asked the teacher if I could come to her class on Eli’s first day back and take some pictures with his class. I also asked if she would ask everyone in the class, “What is the best thing about Eli coming back to school?” They wrote their answers on an index card. Mrs. Adams sent them to me so I could let you all know what Eli’s teacher and classmates are feeling.

Here are their answers below:
Mrs. Adams – “I’m glad to see Eli’s smile again. I missed it.
Ben – “He is awesome!”
Caleb – “I’m glad Eli is back, ‘cause I love him!”
Aidan – “Eli is my best friend and went to Memphis.”
Aubry – “Eli is awesome at everything.”
Bailey – “He is my friend.”
Hannah – “Because he likes trucks.”
Abigail – “Eli gets to come back to school and see his friends.”
Emma – “Eli has no cancer.”
Will – “The best think about Eli coming back to school is he is nice.”
Brody – “He’s another friend.”
Arden – “He gets to be with his friends again. Whoo! Who!
Rebecca – “He is funny.”
Cana – “He is funny.”
Hunter – “The best thing about Eli coming back to school is getting to see him again.”
Ragan – “He is my friend and nice and cool.”
Jack – “He’s funny and fun. I’m happy our whole class is back together.”
Lane – “Eli is amazing at everything.”
Tessa – “He gets to see all of his friends and me and that he is cancer free.”
Kaleigh – “He’s cancer free.”
Ford – “Eli is my friend.”

We are so thankful that Eli and his friends are back together again. We are praising God for taking care of Eli and the whole Williams family during his treatment toward getting him cancer-free. We will continue to pray everyday that it never comes back!
Eli's school class. Eli is in the center, right, on the bottom.

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  1. Kim this is great, you are a better writer than you give yourself credit in being. I failed to add my comment so if you don't mind I'll add it now. The best thing about Eli being back at school to me is that his classmates and all of us can see our Mighty God who hears and answers our prayers at work in our lives. What a testament to the faith of all who've prayed for his recovery! Praise God!


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