Monday, December 3, 2012

The countdown goes so fast, I can't keep up.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” is an American adage which can be traced back to the 1920’s in the print industry. Newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane is first quoted as using it, but the idea of genuine or simple gestures being worth more than words can be traced back to 1802. I’m currently trying to edit and shave some of my posts to send into a small magazine that set the suggested word count to be 700. My lead might only be 700 words, so the task is proving to be daunting. As my friend Freda says, “Why use only one word when you can say it with 500.” I agree, except for tonight. I am getting backblogged again (but for good reasons), so I’m going to post about 15,000 words via pictures. I also wanted to make sure I had something written on Eli’s birthday. Yes, this is his actual birthday. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago because that is when the movie theater could do it.

blue tipped hair

But, we’ve had another big weekend of family fun. We are within two weeks now of Eli’s scan on December 14th (please continue sharing and inviting) so Eli celebrated by spiking his hair and coloring the tips blue. We visited a local toy store Saturday to see some friends from church show off their lego creations in an exhibit, and we picked out our Christmas tree (which stands undecorated, nevertheless it’s up). The next day Eli and Abbey helped work on a Girl Scout parade float. Today, Eli has visited his school class, and I took cupcakes to lunch to share with his friends for his birthday. Then tonight, we participated in Xmas caroling with our second Girl Scout troop, and I was part of an interview by which is doing a story on our Upward basketball program that is adopting St. Jude as its cause off the basketball court. Now, I am greatly behind in preparation for Caleb’s MRI tomorrow. We go in at noon, and the scan will be at 3 p.m. I hope to NOT hear anything tomorrow because if I do that means they saw something that needs immediate attention. Vic is taking off the day so I will have an extra person to help distract him from not eating all day. I feel fairly confident about tomorrow. Though my mother’s instinct has never been a betting man’s charm, I don’t feel that nagging sensation that I did the day Eli walked out the door to his MRI. Thank you all for your diligence in prayer and providing the support we need.

The lego exhibit. Great job Alex and Max!

The trains display at Sutherland's.







Eli knows which one he wants.


Taking a break from Christmas tree hunting.

Helping out the Girl Scouts.


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