Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I took Eli to school to have lunch with his class for his birthday.
Eli and I are in Memphis, having arrived Tuesday night and are preparing for his scan on Friday. We have been involved in so many things these last couple of weeks, I'm working on a post about it all, but I wanted to post something now to thank you for your prayers this week, and always. I will also share that Caleb had his MRI last week, which was all clear and normal. That was such a relief to know for sure about him. Eli has had a great first day. A little morning bloodwork, which went well, I think because he watched Caleb take it without a flinch, so he was determined to do as well as little brother. We have a horribly crammed day Thursday, but I'm hoping to also cram in a more detailed blog post about the last couple of weeks.
Caleb got to pick an animal from the sutffed animal wreath for
being such a star patient while having his MRI done last week.

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