Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eli is NED: No Evidence of Disease! That was the word Friday afternoon at St. Jude after his first post-treatment MRI. It’s been three months since his last treatment, and I have been pretty confident about it for the last month because he has been doing so well. But as my toes stood at the line in the day, not knowing what was on the other side, I thought I was going to lose it. We all six walked in the clinic room to wait, and I wondered what it would be like walking out. Contrary to impatient friends (!!!), our announcement was not delayed because we were cutting out letters. LOL! That was so funny. No, I was so confident that Eli was going to be clear that I had Vic and the kids make the letters before they came.
But our first experience (we hope many more) with “scanxiety” and we are blessed. We are humbled by God’s continual watch and guidance for our children, and by the efforts and work of you all. I can’t say enough how I hope that you do not underestimate your hand in Eli’s healing, it is essential, absolutely essential. You are saving his life, no less than any of the doctors. And, I want to make sure you know that we know that, and that we do not underestimate what it takes to ask for and have help moving this mountain. I want to write in more detail about the time with Eli at St. Jude, but now that I’m on the other side of the day, and can spend time focusing on our family as a whole, I’ve got to get ready for Christmas! I can’t explain the relief in now preparing for Christmas. It won’t be our biggest, as far as what the kids get under the tree, in fact it will likely be our skimpiest, but there will not be a house happier, more blessed, with any bigger gift than what we will have Christmas morning. My heart is full of thankfulness, and my prayers include each of you that you feel it, too.


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