Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It is an interesting and exhausting exercise to be thankful in all things, 1 Thessalonians 5:18. It takes spiritual stamina to maintain that consistent level of thankfulness all the while one’s emotions are running over peaks and through valleys, up and down underneath that steady line of thankfulness. I had one of the best texts I’ve ever gotten this evening from our buddy Jack’s mom who told me that Jack’s latest MRI unexpectedly show that his tumors are shrinking. Jack relapsed at his 3-month check, and even after resection, tumors continued to grow. This cancer is a beast! It was hoped that the tumors would stop growing with the chemo, but it is has done much more at this point. So, I am thrilled for Jack and his family, and am always glad and THANKFUL to hear good news of something that is working to fight relapse. Eli seems to be doing pretty well, just based off of my own eye. He is eating a little bit more, but I think because we had to kind of relax on the nutritional impact of his intake, so he is getting to eat pizza or chick-fil-a. He has not had any nausea meds in several days, and I’ve only given him the steroid appetite stimulant twice so far this week. We are slammed with just activity of various kinds, and it continues to be difficult for me to find time to write. Eli seems to still get tired pretty easily, and willingly goes to bed sometimes before it’s time. His color seems off, still, although it does have an undertone of orange due to the carrot juice that he drinks now. His mood is generally good except when he isn’t allowed to get a toy at a store when we are out for groceries or something. So, we are still feeling the effects of being spoiled in Memphis, but that is all mild and I am thankful for all of it. It is going to be difficult for many to find something to be thankful for tomorrow, and my heart hurts for them. So many are stretching, reaching up to hold that line of thankfulness in place as they travel through valleys right now. That’s a painful and tiring reach, so my prayers and thoughts are with those families struggling with sadness during this time. I pray for them to find a comfort, or trust, or understanding that will lead to thankfulness for God’s omniscience. I am thankful for my opportunity to enjoy this holiday with a new perspective, and so deeply thankful to have Eli holding his #3 spot in our family line up.

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