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Eli and Mr. McElyea's 65. It's For Sale if anyone is interested.
Mattel toy company started making a die-cast toy car in 1968 that was 1/64 the size of a real car. The line was called Hot Wheels and was in direct competition to established die-cast toy makers like Matchbox and Ertl. Hot Wheels, as the name suggests, featured custom cars with flashy paint jobs or body embellishments, not traditional street autos like Matchbox manufactured. Designers of actual real-size cars borrowed car blueprints from GM, Ford or Chrysler (in the beginning) to design the toys. The iconic brand now spans playtime to collector showcases.  I lean toward classic muscle cars with my favorites now being from the early years of the Redline Era which ran until 1977. Cars from this line feature a red line around the outside rim of the tires, so if you see any in a yard sale bucket, grab a handful for me. I’ve mentioned before how I played with them a lot as a little girl and have some of mine from my childhood.
Most all of the items from the care package, plus some other
favorite cars. One is missing that we had in Memphis, but I
think it is just not unpacked yet.
I don’t have any that are worth any money. Only one is a Redline, a 1971 emerald green Boss Hoss mustang that is in bad shape. I do really like my 1976 Corvette Stingray on which I painted hearts. I’m hoping to have it restored along with an early 1970’s VW beetle that has also been painted by me to look like Herbie the Love Bug (someone suggested a craftsman by name to restore the toys, but I just don’t have time to follow up on it). Then I have a pretty nice 1974 chrome Mustang. I have several other miscellaneous 70’s cars, some early 80’s even, that have survived. I also have a North American Van Lines moving van from when my dad was in business. I still love them. I buy Hot Wheels or Matchbox all the time (ones that I like) to keep in a little bag in te top of a closet. I give them to the boys as rewards or I just give them one because I want them to open it.
Love it!
I look at the old stuff on eBay every now and then out of curiosity. I had always thought that for Eli’s birthday each year I would buy him an old one from my “era” that was kind of rare, but within my budget, and put it up for him to be displayed when he was older. I put it off each year thinking I would catch that up, but just never did get started.I have an old wood coke bottle crate that hung on my wall in which I would display the cars. It has been in Eli’s room since he was a baby, and even went with us to Memphis. The love of Hot Wheels is probably the only thing that I share the closest love for with one of my kids. Silly, I know, but most hobbies are a little that’s what makes them an escape, and I’m so glad to share something like that with Eli. Caleb is a vehicle guy, too, but mainly trains, although he is more than happy to reach into that bag for a car. I’ve mentioned before that one of Eli’s favorite cars is the Ford Mustang (he does have more than one fav), and we were thrilled for him to receive a care package a while back from the Ford Motor Company. Bill Ford, the great-grandson of Henry Ford, autographed a Harley Davidson toy car for Eli and wrote him a personal letter. Plus, the designer of the 2013 mustang autographed a framed poster of the car. There were more toys and a poster in the package, but it was incredibly special.
The Ford Motor Company is interesting in several ways but one is that it has been basically family run for 100 years. Also, when buy-outs were being handed out, Ford decided not to take a loan from the government and work it out itself, which it did and it has rebounded on its own with a higher quality product than in the past as well. Now, just to be honest, I am a Chevy girl, and Eli loves to point out a Camero to me, because he knows that it is my fav, but I am also now a new Ford fan. After we got the package, I decided to make our own package to send to Mr. Ford (because we are friends now, right?). Down the road from us there is a restored 1965 convertible mustang that sits out For Sale on the weekends some and we see it when we go to church. I wanted to get Eli’s picture with it to send to Mr. Ford along with a picture that Eli had drawn. It was beautiful Saturday and the car was out, so, I took Eli to the house and just drove up in the driveway to ask if we could snap some pictures. Dale McElyea was washing his mother-in-law’s car in his driveway. I told him who I was and he said “Eli’s mom? Well, yes, I know Eli. I keep up with him through church, sure do.” Oh my goodness, he was so nice. He stopped what he was doing, got the keys, brought Eli a Mustang hat and all of a sudden a couple of snapshots turned into a fun afternoon. We drove to our house and let Vic drive the other kids around in it for a few minutes, too. It is a beautiful car and Eli was just thrilled to get to ride in it, although as usual he contained himself, but he was excited and talked about it a lot later. I don’t know if I will ever get use to people being so responsive and moved to act. It is an incredible feeling to witness genuine kindness, it really is. In other news, I finally have some good stuff to report. Baylee’s “enhancement” that shown in her MRI was just a difference in the contrast dye used, so she is still cancer free! I was relieved for many reasons. And, fighter Jayden, is doing great! He is at home with hospice, but he hasn’t had any seizures and has even spoken some words, stood up with help and is responsive to commands.  His nights are still rough, but he is really taking baby steps in the right direction along a very long road. Ryan is going to try oral chemo again to try to slow the growth of this terminal tumor. They are hoping that he is a little stronger than the last time, so that he might be able to handle the affects a little better. Caleb finished chemo, Thomas and Amris have started their last rounds of chemo, I think. Kyra is holding on, and her family is very positive, but I think it is just a matter of time. MaKenzey is having some really rough days, so pray for her and her mom as they endure. Chris is also getting chemo right now, but I think it is low dose and he is mostly fighting quarantine. Please, say a special prayer for Leilani, as she and her family adjust to St. Jude. And, please remember, Luke and his MRI check-up. I try to keep the prayer page up, so copy down the list and get the prayers rolling. Eli is doing pretty well, nothing new, really. I’m uber-sensitive to anything about him, and his eyes look different, so that scares me a bit. His eating is kind of up and down, he still could do more it seems like. But, today, he has had some belly unstableness which may be due to me backing off the nausea meds. We are slow on getting the juicing going and full out “diet,” but he is definitely eating healthier than he was a year ago. He goes to PT and the therapist mentioned how good he does. She said she wasn’t expecting him to walk in there at all after finding out what his diagnosis was, but he really does well considering that the tumor was in the area of the brain that controls walking, balancing, talking, etc. She attributed some of that to the experience of the neurosurgeon and for him being conservative during the resection. I remember that Dr. Klimo was very clear to us that because Eli had so many tumors and would be getting radiation and chemo anyway that he was going to get what he could get and get out. He said “I want to give him back to you as you gave him to me, as close as I can.” I’ve heard and read about such long roads children travel in therapy, and Eli is, really, just so normal. He barely stands out in a crowd at all now.
One of my weekned chores. Found fall/winter clothes for the boys
So, glad I had saved for Caleb so that Eli has something to wear.
He’s going through these little spells of independence now, too. He wants to do his own shower without any help. He lays his pj’s out ahead of time, gets a towel – which the girls never, ever remember… oh, the towels are clean in the laundry room floor waiting to be folded and put away, not in the bathrooms. That’s why you have to get one ahead of time. Before I forget and can’t post or something: I have a great idea for what to take back to Target House when Eli and I go in December. One’s natural instinct is to do something for the kids during the holidays, Santa, etc. So, I’m thinking that they will get plenty of attention. I thought it would be nice to do something small for the parents/caregivers of patients. The holidays can be a rough time for cancer families for many reasons, so I would like to just send an encouraging word to the parents along with a small Starbucks gift card. There is a Starbucks in the hospital at St. Jude that is easily accessible no matter if you are there for a clinic visit or if you are in-patient.  I am not a coffee drinker, but judging from the line that I scooch by in the mornings when I’m there, I am obviously in the minority. It just seems like a nice, congenial “let me buy you a cup of coffee” kind of gesture. I am going to host a “card-making” ladies night out here at home to make the encouragement cards personal (and grown-up) and then we will put the gift cards in those cards. But, if you would like to send the gift card in a card from yourself, that is also completely fine. I just know that it is hard to send a card to send a card. I know there are countless projects for worthy causes all year long, especially during the holidays, and that all of you have been more than generous with your donations and participation in anything I’ve asked. So, if you want to skip this round with me, don’t worry about it. If you’ve been following for very long you know that I will create another opportunity to reach out in about four months if not sooner. If you would like to participate – maybe an adult church class could chip in and get a couple of cards or an office or department at work something like that – please mail me the cards by November 26 if you can. Just whatever the minimum is for a nice cup of coffee or frou-frou wispy drink is plenty. I’m not going to set a goal for a number of cards, I will just hand out as many as we get starting at Target House, then will move to the Ronald McDonald House if we get over 85. My address is 24900 Savannah Trail, Athens, AL 35613. You only have to send me the gift card, put your name on it if you’d like, we will put it in a greeting card unless you just want to go to that trouble. This weekend is probably our slowest weekend until the middle of January even though Hg is having a birthday party, Abbey and Eli have a basketball clinic. But, other than that it’s chores for me and new play fort time for the kids. That’s it – sweet.

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