Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treating together at last!

I have so many fun things to write about that I’m just going to have to give up on being clever or creative or grammatically correct (don’t laugh, I do make a feeble effort). I am so blogged up right now, I can’t even concentrate. I will just start with the most recent, and then hopefully catch up the rest soon. But, how nice it is that I don’t have time to sit and write (even though I so desperately need to for my own sanity). How nice it is that I am not sitting on a vinyl couch typing because I don’t have anything else to do to pass the time as I watch blood pressure numbers or listen to a medicinal pump. Today was a typical day for me as I didn’t even have time to stop to take a breath. Just busy stuff, two or three phone calls here and there about this that and that, unpack from the girl scout weekend trip, do laundry, pack for an overnight field trip, line up sitters and picker-upers for the three youngest as I will be away, a school meeting, a preschool field trip, lunch, supper, snack, homework, church… oh, did I mention trick-or-treating? No, I didn’t!!! Because we didn’t go tonight, we went last night! How wonderful are my neighbors. On Halloween last year, Eli was throwing up. We thought it was a stomach virus, so we kept him home and he didn’t get to go with his family or friends. Sadly, with Halloween falling on church night this year, he was going to miss out again, and with the aggressive nature of his cancer we don’t dare think as far ahead as next year any more. None of us know or are guaranteed even another minute, but we know that our time with Eli is vulnerable and likely shortened, so we don’t want to rush any memories.
I asked our neighbors (about 80 houses) to participate in a trick-or-treat evening on Tuesday for Eli and his friends from church and school, all who would have the same problem of missing out because of the mid-week worship service. We handed out blue ribbons along with a letter explaining my request, and asked them to put the blue ribbon out on Tuesday if they were able and interested in hosting trick-or-treaters. I had to blink back tears driving through the neighborhood after picking the kids up from school Tuesday afternoon seeing all the blue ribbons tied to the mailboxes. It was so heartwarming to see the response from so many, and I got several messages from people that wanted to but were going to be gone that evening. I’m thinking at least 50+ houses were able to participate. We are so blessed to live in this community, surrounded by people who are kind-hearted and willing to make a special effort for a little boy. And, then we had such a good response from our friends to join us. I’m thinking we had about 100 kids or more. Eli was beside himself excited. Tuesday morning he said he couldn’t get his “brain to settle thinking about” the coming evening. And, he was right in the middle of the kid mix at first, going door to door. He only lasted just over an hour or so, but it was such a high quality hour. I felt so normal walking around not thinking about anything but keeping my Luigi mustache in place for my own costume. The night is a cherished family memory.
So, you will notice that Eli is Dracula, and not FedEx. Well, he had just seen the Hotel Transylvania movie, and was hung up on that. Abbey doesn’t “do human”, so she is a penguin. Hg is just a random farm person, although her actual costume that she wore to a party was somebody from one of her books, and Caleb was the Mario to my Luigi. And, unbelievably, I was able to talk Vic into being Steve Jobs. Eli is doing fairly well in his eating, and he seems tired a lot. But, overall, I will not, absolutely not, complain. In other news; Jayden is doing a little better. He was able to go home, but is still on hospice. I have two special prayer requests tonight. A girl that I’ve been following, Baylee, was diagnosed in 2008, had a relapse that she fought off in 2010, and now is showing evidence again. I just don’t see how any of them escape it, ever.
Caleb and Eli
 Also, please add Leilani to your prayer list. She was diagnosed with a bone cancer in her leg recently and she lives in a neighboring county. She is at St. Jude. Also, remember Myah, Jack and Ayden as they fight Medullo. MaKenzey continues treatment at St. Jude currently as well. Pray, pray, pray.

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