Monday, October 22, 2012

He's trying. Funny, but there is actuallly a
goal in front of him that is shorter than the
regular one behind him. So, he is actually
shooting at goal. LOL.
I was disappointed to miss church this Sunday morning, but Caleb has some kind of nuclear mutated goo oozing from his nose. He feels good, and is such a fun little stinker, but still who wants to see the manifestation of the swamp thing running out of a nose. Eli, sadly is also fighting it. His nose is stuffy and runny. His counts were already low, so I’m hoping that maybe his counts will be high enough to put up a fight. On Saturday morning, however, he felt decent because it hadn’t hit yet, so we went to pick out Halloween costumes, after which Abbey and Eli had their evaluation for participating in Upward basketball. Yes, we are letting Eli play. We were in the middle of the season last year when Eli was diagnosed. Both girls and Eli were playing and I was coaching Hg’s team. The girls finished the season out because some wonderful people stepped up to take care of them, and to take over my duties as coach. This is such a sweet program at Isom’s Chapel, and the league has been so good to remember Eli. So much so that this year the Isom’s Chapel chapter will be using St. Jude as its charitable focus for the kids. I am very excited to have another opportunity to share the news about the work at St. Jude and to raise awareness of the prevalence of pediatric cancer. As far as basketball goes, Eli will not be much of a talent factor for his team, which is not any different than any other year, but I think that is the whole premise of the league is to have a place where kids of all levels can learn the game and log some game-play time. At the eval poor Eli couldn’t even get the ball up in the air, much less near the goal. I can’t believe how much muscle he has lost. I believe his legs are only made of bone, veins and flesh right now because. I don’t think his eating has increased at all, but I have high hopes for this juicing with him because he has been drinking carrot juice without complaint, and even asked for it. So, I’m crossing my fingers and hope to figure out this Jack LaLanne grass squasher soon. He does still really like Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, the “bad kind,” as he says, not the grilled. I can’t hardly get him to eat a Subway any more, which is sad for me because I like it so much, but I am also a big CFA fan – shout-out to Barbara at the drive-thru.
We love our trampoline. Yes, I've read about the dangers,
but we still love it. This is our third one.
Our Make-A-Wish volunteers, the mother-daughter team of Harriet and Hillary, came to interview Eli Saturday, so I am excited to get that started for him. As expected, his first choice wish is for a camper. They have some rules about this. We have to have a vehicle that can tow it, which we do as of right now. Big Sam, for which I have great affection as I have written about previously, is equipped to tow and can pull up to 6500 pounds. He is showing age, but still technically, the answer to that is yes – next week, that could change. They also thought that MAW only gave a pop-up, which is not for what we had hope(of course, Eli was wanting a decked out pull-behind with bunkbeds, and I wanted the shower and laundry), but he will be so glad to get anything for us to pull. As the moment of truth came, sitting there with Eli trying to speak up and find his words for a wish, I was afraid that he was going to say that he just wanted a trailer as he has told me before. Phew! He stuck with the camper. I’ve asked that they use a local vendor in hopes to purchase from Mr. Bankston, a member of the church at Jordan Park in Huntsville who lost his wife to brain cancer. They said they would certainly ask, but can’t guarantee anything. Eli, of course, was shy during the interview and would sometimes whisper to me his choice for the different kinds of wishes they would ask about (Where would you most like to go, what would you most like to get, who would you most like to meet). They asked him who he would most like to meet. He whispered to me and I said, “He said he would like to me John Bon Jovi or Brad Pitt if he is not available.” Eli quickly piped in “I DID NOT! I said GraveDigger Monster Truck!” I said, “Oh, I misunderstood him.” So, close!
Part of the crew working Saturday on the play fort.
Also, during this eventful weekend, we are extremely excited to finally, finally have our play fort going up. Santa Claus gave the kids a picture of one two Christmases ago with an “IOU in the spring,” but it never came until the next Christmas, which was last Christmas, and even then it was only the hardware and plans, with yet another promise of lumber in the spring (this was all before the sky fell on December 29, 2011). Again, it didn’t come. Seriously, I have considered filing a complaint with the Department of Make-Believe. Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are slackers around here. The most recent infraction committed by the tooth fairy just last night as she missed Eli’s third extraction in about two weeks. So, with the play fort our friends had to step in and do what Santa evidently couldn’t do. We have had some landscaping done behind the house to level the ground and create a kind of playground area, and Santa finally came through with the lumber, so a group from church is building the fort.
Take that Santa!
The back of our house has been such a disappointment and underused. When we built the house, I, at least, envisioned being out there all the time with lots of outdoor furniture and a great grill, blah, blah, blah. So far, the back porch has been a pool noodle and plastic bat graveyard. But, hopefully, that will change. The last piece of our backyard puzzle will be a big fence so that we can get a dog. I bet every day one of the kids asks me about a dog, or has a new name to put in the hat for it. We will not depend on Santa for that, but hopefully in the spring next year we will be more prepared and have a little better idea of how Eli is doing so we will be able to commit to adding to the family. I hope everyone on Facebook has noticed that I have added an event to the calendar, which I will only mention in brief for now, but I wanted our email friends to know as well. Eli’s first post-treatment scan will be December 14, so we are selfishly asking that each of you take a private moment, just 60 seconds, away from activities that day and approach our Lord on Eli’s behalf. Please, please, share this date and effort with other congregations, classes, individuals and ask them to share it, so that we can bombard our Father as children do with what we want.

The boys and their transformer legos. We are big
Lego fans, just the DIY kind, too.

I am struck every day at the level of need for prayers for children in our own country that is the most blessed in the world in so many ways. Please, remember a young man who has fought cancer his entire teenage years only to succumb by the age of 20. Jay Rogers in TN, who is Jay’s Warriors in FB, received his reward last night. Also, heavy on my heart is a little one named Kyra who is fading fairly faster than expected. Her mother is hurting, and writes so sad and angry. Thomas, I think is going home, from the hospital soon after fighting a fever. Little Amris is preparing for her fourth round of chemo and Jack began his first round of chemo for his relapse today. I’ve added some names to the Prayer page here -just so many, too many.

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