Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is very similar to a toy he has, so he wanted his picture.
Slowly reading the side of a Hot Wheels track set he just bought with some money given to him by a friend, Eli said, “Mo-to-rized non-stop ac-tion.” Then in thoughtful seriousness he said, “hmm, that’s a good thing Mama because you know I’m all about Action.” If you know Eli personally, you laugh because there is not a more passive child. However, he does like to have wildness around him, but he does not like to participate. He is an observer.
One of his top two fav cars. We were sporting our Memphis blue
today hoping maybe one of our Tigers teams would win, but alas.
He seemed to feel pretty good today. We have gone back to wearing the mask because his ANC has dropped to 600 from 2100. He is no longer on the G-CSF that artificially supports his immune system. It’s all him, all the time. He wears it just fine, and even wears it around the apartment unless I remind him that he can take it off. It was a gorgeous day out today, and we had no appointments, so we went to a craft fair at Germantown High School. I thought since it was outside, he wouldn’t really have any chance of being in a crowd. Wow, was I wrong. It was huge and it was packed. Of course, from the pictures he asked me to take it looks like we are at a car show, but I did sneak in the one for good measure. And, tonight I have not been able to wipe the smile off my face thinking about the iconic Reba McEntire wearing a bracelet with my little boy’s name on it. I mailed a handful to California where my friend Tasha Walker - whose husband works with Jack Roush’s racing team of which Shelby Blackstock, Reba’s son, is a driver - is staying for tonight’s race. Tasha was kind enough to get the bracelets distributed and grab some autographs of the drivers for Eli.

Reba wearing an Eli bracelet that my friend
Tasha gave her.

Double bonus for Eli and me to both enjoy an opportunity we would not otherwise have. I am a Reba fan – the person. I don’t follow the music so much anymore, but she always seemed to be a genuinely nice and fun person. Years ago, when I was a news reporter I covered a Reba McEntire concert in Huntsville. I got to interview Linda Davis, who was a back-up singer with Reba for many years and was stepping into the spotlight as one half of a duet with Reba on the song “Does He Love You”. Linda, herself was also extremely nice and easy-spoken, but she said that Reba had an airplane for her and Reba to use after each concert so that they could each get home every night to their kids if the drive on the bus was very far. I thought that was wonderful. As a side note, Linda Davis is the mother of Hillary Scott, one of the lead singers of Lady Antebellum. The newspaper I worked for didn’t have a large enough circulation to land me an interview with the Queen of Country though, so to finally make contact, albeit indirectly, is a lot of fun for me. So, a special thank you goes to Tasha for talking him up and for Christy Looney for thinking of it. So, I was talking to Vic about the whole “cancer free” thing, and he thinks we can’t “exactly” say that because of the tissue at Eli’s pituitary gland. But, the doctor said it was dead, which to me is gone. So, as another famous country music singer said “That’s my story and I’m Stickin’ to It.”
If I was given the chance to live many more lifetimes I would never be able to repay all the kindness that has been paid to us in many different forms. Just know that because of your examples and efforts, I think differently, act differently, and react differently ….which is a good thing.

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