Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is a model used by Toyota at conventions introducing
its cars to investors or interested parties. This is Vic's car that
we have here and it will bring us home. It is very realistic. The
seats fold down, the gas tank opens, etc. He loves this thing.
There's no place like HOME, and it ain't Kansas! Poor little Dorothy Ann in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was first printed in 1900, didn’t know how good she had it in her drab, gray, plain house. It took the world of rainbows to open her eyes. Kansonians have mixed feelings about their link to the movie because their home state is portrayed in such a “gray” light; yet, it is back to that grayness that Dorothy so desperately wants to go because of the people there that love her. The author, L. Frank Baum, was actually from South Dakota, but at the time of writing the book, he lived in Chicago and this story was one that he told his kids. We are headed home tomorrow (Friday) expecting to roll into our driveway about 6 p.m., so if you are free and local (or not local, is fine, too, take a day trip!) please join us for a "Welcome Home Wave In." I know, weird, but Eli's counts are still a bit compromised, so he won't be able to do a big party yet, and he's not a big partier anyway. So, we thought it would be fun to just wave at him as he comes home, then join us on our front lawn for prayers of thankfulness led by a couple of elders from our home congregation. If anyone has time to hang out, we have reserved our clubhouse for drinks and light snacks. We have no idea how many to expect that might stay, so snack availability is first come first serve. There may be too much, there might not be enough, but we hope that your heart and spirit will leave full. The girls and I will walk up there to say hi after I get the boys of the house settled with the Star Wars Xbox 360 that Eli's Betts gave him that he is bringing home much to the anticipation of his daddy. I'm going to have some habitual videogaming to undo when I get home.... oh, how I've missed my whip *sigh*.
Eli and Vic when he was here a couple of weeks ago.
So, Eli is pumped to come home. He has been so much help packing tonight that I've had to repack as much as I have packed. He ate an applesauce, one and a half entire chicken McNugget, he had a handful of chips, about 5 ounces of V8 Fusion, and a handful of spaghetti. That’s the entire day’s intake, but still I thought it was great. The nutrition in his feedbag has been dropped to 50 percent of his daily needs, so I’m anxious for his weigh-in tomorrow. I really, really want this line out because that is just a big ole infection waiting to happen, and I can’t wait to get him in a deep bath so I can lay a brilo pad to him. But, until he doesn’t need the TPN, he has to keep it in. So, tonight is our last night at Target House, ever, probably because even if Eli were to come back for any treatment he would not be long-term and Target House is for long-termers. I have been so thankful to have the complex to come to. I’ve always felt safe whether it be from maliciousness or stormy weather. We’ve been more than comfortable here, as long as you don’t count the meeting of my back to the mattress. We’ve been allowed to do as we please here with the exception of having our entire family spend the night, but I believe that to be a blessing in disguise because of Eli’s immune system. We have had a chance to spend individual time with Eli in a home-like environment. Eli is going to miss coming here; I know that he is because I could sense his relief to be back when we went for an overnight stay at home.
Eli at the playground for Target House.
I will miss it in a funny way, too, I guess because it allowed me to find a routine despite the chaos of evil. My only complaints would be, first, the existence of the smoking porch, which is more of a statement to the selfishness of the adults than to Target House, but I think smoking should be banned from any St. Jude affiliated properties. Secondly, that the third washer in the laundry room on the second floor of Target House II doesn’t ring out the clothes, so it takes four hours to dry a load from that washer. Thirdly, the mattress that I’ve already mentioned. I’m going to really miss my walks with Eli around the beautifully landscaped grounds of Target House. I’m going to miss being able to run down to the coke machine to get sprite because I said I wouldn’t drink any more so I didn’t buy any at the store. I’m going to miss only spending an hour cleaning our living quarters and it be finished. So, if it weren’t for the whole cancer thing, we could say we had a great time. Please, remember Ryan and his family as they struggle with harsh reality. Ryan had his port placed today so that they can administer any drugs that they might need for when hospice kicks in. They started the chemo today, orally, so pray that it goes well and that it is more successful than they expect it to be, which is to just slow down the growth. Jasmine’s (Ryan’s mom) heart is shattered. The horror of knowing the future is stifling torture on every breath she takes. The Shadow walks with them now, so please pray for her peace and understanding that through the Valley awaits Ryan’s final victory.

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  1. Oh I wish I could be there for the wave-in and lawn prayer! What a beautiful idea. I am so, so happy that your whole family will be under the same roof tonight.


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