Monday, September 17, 2012

Notice Eli looking to the side. He can't keep his eyes off the Doge
Charger police car. He absolutely was thrilled with the limo ride
home and the police escort. He was bouncing off the leather
Thank you to Officers Joel Hammond and Charlie Clem of the
Athens PD, and Nick of Affordable Elegance for sharing
this event with us. Their participation really put it over the fence.
Friday night, after Eli’s Welcome Home Wave-In, I was brushing my teeth to get ready for bed. After the rinse and spit, I tapped my brush on the sink and reached to put it in my cosmetic bag which has been more of a utility bag for me as I have shuttled from Target House room to visits home to hospital stays. Included in it I have a screwdriver, a lint brush, band-aids, coins, travel shampoos, a pocket flashlight, and a tiny sewing kit, yes, a sewing kit. But, that night, I stopped short of stuffing it open-top into the front of the bag. I smirked and stuck it in the toothbrush holder on the counter beside the sink. The next day, after I did laundry, I didn’t fold it and put it back in the suitcase, I pulled it out of my new dryer into the laundry room floor where clean clothes live in a pile until someone needs a piece from it. And, instead of calling another mom to bring Abbey home from a birthday party, I stayed with her at the party and brought her home because I am home. I am home! If you haven’t already guessed it is incredibly hard to find time to post like I’d like to. I could slap something up here like I’m doing now, but I try not to do that. So, my goal is to post on Friday nights because I can stay up later. If there is a need to pass along a bit of information, or need for urgent prayers, I will post that need whenever, but otherwise, I will shoot for Fridays. It may not work out, but I’ve got several projects I’m looking into that take a lot of time during the day, not to mention a huge white elephant project called “my house” that needs attention.
This Eli packed-in coming home from Memphis.
This picture was taken as he crossed back into
Sweet Home Alabama.
But, I cannot stress enough the need for your continual prayers for Eli’s health. These three months are scarier, really than the past 10, so please pray that Eli has no recurrence. Please, remember Ryan as they have stopped his chemo because of his pain due to the aggressive growth of the tumors, so he is with Hospice and I think they expect him to be in significant decline by Christmas. Please, also remember Blake. His physiological issues have not resolved, and his parents are faced with the decision to suspend the final round of chemo or to follow through to the end and hope he doesn’t worsen. In addition to that, the parents are faced with some exploratory imagining of their infant daughter who seems to have developed a problem with the way her cranial plates fuse together. I will wait to hear about the results before speculating. I also want to thank you for sending Jack mail. He has enjoyed getting that attention. You guys always step up, and I am humbled to witness it.

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