Friday, September 14, 2012

I've been watching photos and comments roll in on Facebook tonight instead of me working on an interesting (hopefully intereating) blog entry. I'm not sure how we would have survived (or will survive) without the love and support of each of you in all apects of this. That's a simple and uncreative way to write it, but it's not a complex concept. Eli was so excited tonight, he chattered witout taking a breath in the limo ride home, and I think continued once he got inside the house away from the crowd. I won't be able to say enough specific thank yous because so much goes behind the scenes without me knowing it, I will miss someone or something that was done. It is so overwhelming, sometimes it is even hard to remember the obvious things. But, I do know this - I want to be Melissa Chamblee Green when I grow up. I want to share this pic of our mid-way welcoming group at Cherokee, AL waiting for us. I missed some of them becaue I took too long to turn around to come back for a picture, but it was so much fun to see their group bouncing up and down and yelling as we approached. They were all so sweet to make time for us. It was like I knew them and we were home already. That was really special for them to do that for us. It was a special night, an experience that I will never forget or be able to top, although sitting in Caleb's room reading him a bedtime story in person gets pretty close.

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