Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eli’s MRI today revealed that he has had more hemorrhaging from overshunting, so they postponed the lumbar puncture. I only learned this over the phone with the nurse practitioner, so that’s all I know. We have an appointment with the neurosurgeon tomorrow afternoon. Vic will now come for that appointment and then stay the night to make the planned oncologist appointment Friday morning. If you’ve followed us for very long you know the shunt has been the background bane of our experience. If surviving aggressive, debilitating brain cancer wasn’t challenging enough, I guess then the struggle with the shunt, which has nothing to do with the cancer, will top us off - hopefully. So, after tomorrow afternoon we will know more. On a positive note - and I’ve learned not to get too excited, but I’m just grasping at dangling vines here - Eli ASKED for some chips tonight. Big. So, that’s really all I have, we soldier on. I wanted to say thank you to Darla Hall of Hall Marketing, LLC for sending household items to donate to families at Target House. Darla publishes Auburn University and the University of Alabama themed children’s activity books and apps via her company In The Zone Publications and has donated books to sick kids, including Eli. Facebook her and like her page. Please, remember little Collin in your prayers. This little guy is only three years old and is fighting medulloblastoma for the third time – yep, that’s once a year his entire life. Also, Thomas and Blake as their fights continue and Ryan as he continues to wait. The picture I’m sharing tonight is of Eli waiting for school reading one of his favorite books. Predatory animals are compared in a faceoff to speculate which would win in a fight. The answers are sometimes surprising.

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