Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eli wearing his Memphis Tigers Blue in front of the Elvis
Automotive Museum sign.
“Ambition is just a dream with a V8 engine,” Elvis Presley is quoted as saying. Presley was infatuated with cars and motorcycles, as most men are, and accumulated a collection, as most famous men do. I read that he gave away so many cars that accountants couldn’t keep up. He favored American-made luxury cars, but mostly he just bought a car because he liked how it looked. Whether it was $5,000 or $50,000, if he liked it, he bought it. Eli and I visited Graceland Park, of which Presley’s home, the Graceland mansion, is a part. Elvis’s cars and motorcycles are displayed in a museum there, as well as his airplanes, including the Lisa Marie, a de-commissioned Delta Convair 880 Jet that Elvis bought and had customized to his liking. We have not toured the mansion yet. It was hot today, and we didn’t realize what all we were getting into by going, so I wasn’t prepared for Eli to be out all day. Thankfully, we get in free and will likely go back to tour the mansion. I had said that I hoped to go to Oxford, MS, but I did not mean today (Saturday) as I knew the town would be kicking off SEC football. My hope is that tomorrow will be his last day on the GCSF boost and then he will be free on Monday, so we can go then. We’ll see if it works out. Eli has had some tummy issues today, and really been resistant to eating, although he has been in a good mood. All of his counts and chemistries still look good, but keep in mind he is being artificially maintained. He receives the boost which keeps his ANC high, he receives platelets which keep his hemoglobin high, and he receives TPN which provides exactly the amount of nutrients his body needs to keep his electrolytes in line. When his own body is responsible for those things, it’ll get all wonky.
Eli in front of the Lisa Marie, a jet airplane the Elvis
bought in order to travel more comfortably.

I’ve been a little disillusioned lately after perceiving two St. Jude patient families take advantage of their blessings here. I do not understand why people just don’t do what they are supposed to do, and act like they are supposed to act. I don’t mean Biblically, if someone doesn’t believe in the divine Word, fine, I just mean out of common sense. If each individual did that in all situations, think of the collective impact. Sitting in a waiting area this week, my ears could not shut out a conversation from a mother talking on her phone. She was devising a plan for the holiday weekend to get around the Ronald McDonald House rules of the number of people that can stay. Believe me, I feel her pain. But, it is that kind of malicious motivation that requires such restriction. I won’t detail the second situation, but trust me that it was a subtle act of deceit which takes advantage of the generosity of donors and displaces much needed dollars for research. But judging – yes, I said judging. I am, familiar with Matthew 7, which is about hypocrisy, not judging. I cringe when I hear someone ignorantly crying “you can’t judge me, the Bible says you can’t judge”. It absolutely does not say (teach) that. We have to judge, or how can we discern right from wrong. The context of the verse is a warning that you will be measured according to how you measure others. I’m sorry, that is a pet peeve– so, judging from the way she treated people around her, mainly the registry employee and nurses in the med room, I’m doubting she cared that she was undermining the spirit of St. Jude. She had an air of self-importance and seemed to think she was owed extra attention. And, I don’t mean for her child the extra attention, I mean for her. It was just disappointing to see people that should be so appreciative using the hospital in that way. But, that was just two; thankfully, I have met others who seem to understand the significant blessing we are able to be a part of here.
Eli and me watching the Auburn game.
And, some of you are rolling your eyes because I am not a model citizen, but with this place, I just feel the need to stand guard, protect it so that the people on the inside can get done what needs to get done, which is find a cure for childhood cancer. Continue to pray for Blake and the doctors at Vandy. Blake is having some neurological events that are unexplained, but physically on paper, he looks good. Jack continues his recovery, Ryan won’t know anything until next week, and add Thomas Sullivan to your prayer list who is also fighting medulloblastoma. Thanks, friends, and War Eagle!

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