Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eli is getting really excited. Tonight when he got in bed for me to read to him, he pulled his blanket up really tight under his chin and said with a grin "Just two more days, mama, two more daaaayyyyyss." He even ate a little less than a quarter of a PBJ today with a handful of chips, and half of an applesauce, but that's it for the day. My heart is heavy tonight for Ryan and his mom. The two tumors have grown in the short three or so weeks since his last scan. So, they are getting started with the chemo in hope's of slowing the growth, but that's all they can do. This is such an aggressive cancer, it just doesn't allow time to think and prepare or even just accept. Too many suffering. How much more time will God give for the world to turn as the innocent suffer. The picture toinght is just of Eli in front of the zoo after our last visit for a while YaY! (for many reasons, yay.)

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