Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eli has his final scans in the morning. We are to be at the hospital at 645 hours for sedation for his MRI and lumbar puncture. I probably won’t know anything tomorrow. We will see the neurologist Thursday which will probably just about tell us everything, but then we will also see the oncologist on Friday to go over the scans in more detail. Thank you all for your prayer support, I just can’t say it enough, really. The picture I’m sharing tonight is of Eli playing with a couple of Ford Mustangs. The orange one is from one of his church teachers that is also a muscle car buff, but he bought the other one himself with money someone gave him. He really leans towards being a Mustang man, though he actually loves everything, even a Toyota Sienna van. Seriously, loves a minivan (he has been talking to his daddy too much) But, he does seem to favor the Mustang a bit even though Vic and I are more Chevy heavy. One of his Make-A-Wish choices that he listed was to meet someone that makes Mustangs. I tried to figure out how to get him like an autographed picture of William Clay Ford, Jr., or Sr., whichever. They may not be use to such requests from kids, but he doesn’t really have a “sports hero.” I wrote the customer service of Ford, but they said to shop the online company store. Thanks. Please, continue prayers for Blake, Jack, Ryan, Collin, and the many others suffering and fighting tonight.


  1. The Stanley Ave church of Christ in Andalusia, AL continues to pray for Eli and all of you. May the Lord hold you all up every step of the way and heal Eli of this terrible disease!
    In Christian love,
    Ben May

    1. thank you so much Mr. May, that is wonderful. And please share the word to congregations with which you might be affiliated.


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