Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eli had such a good day today. The new steroids he was given to stimulate his appetite was a bust, he threw it up the last two days that we gave it to him. So, we didn’t give him any today, and he ate great – for him. He’s had lots of energy, he has been engaging, and happy! He’s getting lots of fuzz on his head, and his eye lashes are really coming out. I wanted to pass along some prayer requests. Adam, who goes to our school, has been taken to Birmingham with a high fever. They have been treating him for encephalitis, but I think they really don’t know what is going on with him. This is an immediate prayer request. Also, please add Madi to your prayer list, as well as Chris. I want to ask special prayers for a boy named Jayden who is on a ventilator as the doctor’s try to stabilize his seizures, and for a little girl named Kyra who is with hospice and whose daddy just lost his job. Also, for a second little boy named Jayden. Always remember Jonathan, Jack and Ryan. I still have a “donate” button on my blog site to raise funds for Ryan’s final arrangements for when the time comes. The donations go directly to my paypal account, and if the money is not needed, it will be sent to St. Jude as a memorial to Ryan. We are at about $500 now, so half way to my personal goal. I’ve noticed that our member number has been steadily going down. Makes me sad, and, I really hope I have not been offensive. I know I can be a bit “too honest.” Thank you for your prayers and efforts for these children.

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