Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today was Eli’s last day of “big” chemo and so far it has gone as expected. His fever and rash continue to yo-yo, and everything else is kind of the same. He was low energy and fussy this morning, but early evening he perked up. We did several laps around the floor with the remote control police car, and he sat on the edge of the bed drawing, coloring, creating sticker scenes, looking at his shark and snake books for about two hours. He will only do those things when he feels good, otherwise it’s got to be the TV. This evening he’s been tired, and his temp is up. We also continue our every two-hour urination through the night until noon. But the most significant milestone today is that it is over. In room eight on the second floor of the Chili’s Care Center of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee there is a seven-year-old boy that just completed aggressive, high-dose cancer treatment. It’s not a homerun in front of cheering crowd, it’s not an award on a school stage, but I can’t imagine him ever accomplishing anything bigger and I can’t imagine ever being prouder. With that said, we are relieved to be done, as in to never do it again. If it doesn’t work and the cancer returns, we are in the heart -wrenching position of precious Ryan’s family. Please, continue to pray for them as they are torn between the realities of life on earth. Also, Hunter continues to be in critical condition and is in need of endless prayers. This pictue I'm sharing is of Eli before we went in-patient obviously. I hated to use another hospital pic.

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