Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Guinness Book of World Records no longer recognizes any attempt, even successful attempt at breaking the sleep deprivation record held by Randy Gardner. Gardner posted the last official number in 1964 as a 17-year-old when he stayed awake 264 hours without any artificial stimulant. He was monitored closely by doctors and interested parties, and no ill effect was reported. The record has been broken many times, but Guinness retired the category for fear people would do stupid things to try to beat the record and hurt themselves. Imagine, people doing stupid things for stupid reasons. I bet Guinness has seen that a few times. I’m planning to go to bed upon completion of this post because this is our free night and I know I’ve got at least four sleepless nights ahead of me. Eli and I arrived at the hospital tonight about 2000 hours. He will begin his final and fourth round of chemo in the morning. Because Eli’s hearing has reached a certain level, the protocol calls for a reduction in the dose of the medication that does the damage. I’m not sure how I feel about that, especially since it is the one med that they know affects the cancer. Vic talked to the doctor for about an hour this afternoon and is comfortable with the reduction. Even if I said it in an earlier post, I say again that I would be greatly saddened by significant hearing loss for Eli, but I do not want to trade hearing for a few months for years of life. Hearing is precious, but it’s not breathing, or swallowing, or even seeing. But, I do not have the benefit of years of research and treating disease, nor the professional education to support my hesitation. Eli is receiving blood tonight and was premedicated to prevent an allergic reaction, so he seems to be doing fine. He will begin chemo about 900 hours or so, and it will last about six hours. Sadly, I have another child to add to your prayer logs, if you keep one. I do not know details or anything about them yet, but please add a little boy named Jacob from Meridianville. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor this afternoon and was medflighted here. His mother Pam is with him. I don’t know anything else. The picture tonight is of Eli in church class. Yes, church class from home. His Wednesday night teacher Ms. Andi arranged for him to be in class, so that was fun.

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