Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It’s been a bit of an emotionally bumpy day today. The impending in-patient status for Eli has my stomach a little knotty, because even if it goes smoothly it’s still rough. I am also saddened by the news Ryan and his mom received that his cancer has returned. My details are sketchy, but I think this would be his six-month scans or less, even. From a later post, she has said that they (the families) have decided to not repeat chemo because it will not affect the cancer. So, they are headed home to live it out. My heart is heavy for them, and, of course, the implications to our own story line are obvious. I think the few months after we are done are going to be more agonizing than the nine prior, which you all know have been emotionally and physically excruciating for us as individuals and as a family. I’m going to be honest that I have complete faith that God can heal Eli no matter the odds, but I’m not really feeling like He will or that it is in the plan. Those are tough thoughts to be rolling around in one’s head constantly making each minute heavy and smothering. The only respite from those thoughts is to learn denial. Include in your prayer the need for a cure. Not just treatment, not just a band-aid, but a cure so that evil inflicted upon innocent children is stopped. The picture tonight is of Eli at Target last night. Although his counts have been a little down, I tried to get us out as much as possible because we are about to be “in” for many days. We were buying a toy for the little boy who is from another country and just completed his treatment, but, of course, Eli found what he wants first. He’s as bad as a kid in a toy store. I also wanted to share some thoughts from Karri Morgan, the Target House Manager. She sent a note to me, and this is a portion of it: “Thank you for one of the largest collections Target House has ever received in our history! (Target House was built in 1999)….. You make working at Target House a blessing every day.”  So, I wanted to pass along the Thanks to you, and make sure you know the impact of your efforts.

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