Saturday, August 4, 2012

If along the way something here doesn’t make sense, it’s because my head is resting on the keyboard. But, for now, while my eyes are mostly focused, I will quickly share that Eli is doing great. He had to get platelets and other meds today, but has handled it fine with premedication. We have our next date for in-patient already. He will be admitted on August 15 for his final chemo course. It always seems like we just escape when it’s time to go back in. But, with the aggressive nature of his cancer, we have to beat on it and beat on it, and not let it get back up. As you have seen in other posts, I am collecting household items to take back with me when I go to switch with Vic on Friday. We will spend the weekend together then he will come home with the kids to begin their school/work routine. It’s tough because even the weekends are needed for homework and to prepare for the next week, so there is no wiggle room for extras, no room to see a friend or even stop and sneeze. Vic and the kids have to maintain their focus so as not to get behind before they even get started. The “machine” will be partially activated to help him with house duties, so that he can concentrate on the kids and the girls’ schoolwork. I also had a helper today. The other half of the Melissa Green team, her husband Bill came to repair my garage door which has been busted for over a year, I guess. He applied some MS State Bulldog elbow grease to it, and it’s smooth as silk. When I find my opener, it will be like Christmas around here. He also prepared my vehicle to pull the trailer that I hope will be filled with items to be donated, so, huge honey-dos done by my friend’s honey today. I am excited that The Grasshopper in downtown Athens (AL) has agreed to be a drop-off location for donations locally. Sharma, the owner, has a big heart and open arms, and is a blessing to anyone in need. She is precious, so “Like” The Grasshopper FB page and tell her thank you. Darla Hall at In The Zone Publications is collecting for us in Hoover, Alabama. She recently published an Auburn and an Alabama thematic activity books for children along with mobile apps. Eli represented Auburn during her promotions, and was the recipient of a first book and an autographed copy by Coach Chizik. Darla also made extra effort to host a charity auction benefiting Eli and another little boy fighting Medulloblastoma. Look for her books among SEC merchandise at stores, and “Like” her page to keep up with her next release – we are crossing our fingers for Vols. If your congregation in the immediate driving range of me is collecting, let me know. I need to pick everything up by Thursday afternoon. If you have requested bracelets, but have not received them, please private message me because you have slipped through the cracks. If you would like to have bracelets, I have new ones in, adult and youth. All tshirts should be out by Monday. If you have not received yours, you have also fallen between the cracks, so private message me. The picture tonight is of Caleb at our local Kiddie Carnival sponsored and run by The Lions Club. It’s been around for over 40 years I think, I know I went to it when I was little and rode the same rides. I thought we had missed it since we have been either gone or sick for the entire summer, but this was the last weekend. So, I took Caleb and Abbey while Hg had a party to attend.

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