Thursday, August 2, 2012

I spent a sluggish day today recovering from a Girl Scout trip to the Ocoee River area east of Cleveland, Tennessee. After bringing the kids back from Memphis late Sunday night and dumping everything out of the car into the most open-est, closest area of the house to the door, I dug through it all to fish out what I could to repack for our Girl Scout trip leaving early the next morning. I was in a daze on Monday trying to change the direction of my brain to deal with what I have always thought of as the fourth and final chapter of our Treatment Saga. The first chapter was “the Kick-off and Planning” as we dealt with a whirlwind of getting treatment started and planning how to handle our lives; the second was “School Ends”, in which we apply the plan and try to get the girls through school (without failing a grade); the third was “Summer”, applying the plan for when the kids are out of school; the fourth is “School starts”, in which we begin the final phase of the plan before bringing Eli home.

So, the final phase began with me getting the kids home, but this little Girl Scout trip was one last little bit o’ fun before we get serious. And, it was so welcome, for me at least. Even though Eil is still neutropenic, he feels really good and is having some really good days. Vic said he looked and acted strong, even running a bit like kids do when, maybe, you are walking to the car or like when they are talking to you and just trotting beside you – “like a normal kid,” as my precious friend Melissa said. So, though Eli is a constant in my thoughts and is ever-present in my heart, I was able to loosen the knot in my tummy and relax the worry in my brain of imminent danger, and had a great time with my girls. Eli had another good day today, although he did begin to show an allergic reaction to the pneumonia prevention antibiotic that he gets once a month. All cancer patients (that are not allergic to this) stay on an antibiotic called Septra, the entire time they are being treated. But, Eli began to show an allergy to it right after chemo started. So, they put him on another one that he gets via a shot once a month. Today, he began to show a reaction to it, although it seems it was mild. But, I stressed to Vic, that he must be premedicated for everything, whether he has shown no reaction in the past or not because his little body is growing very tired of being invaded more and more each day. So, this is going to be a fight to the finish with his little body duking it out. I’ve mentioned before that a favorite visual story of mine is about Aaron and Hur coming to hold up Moses’ arms when he gets too tired to hold them up during a battle. As long as Moses’ arms were in the air Israel was winning the battle, but if he began to droop, the enemy would begin to prevail. So, his family and friends came to his aid and held up his arms, not just until the end, but until the battle was won. As a side note, another favorite visual story of mine is Elijah taunting the priests of Baal. I love that!  So, the girls and I had a great time tubing down the Ocoee, and playing in the riverbed near the Ocoee Whitewater Center, site of the 1996 Olympics. My children are blessed to be surrounded by Christian adults who are genuine in their care and interest, and talented in their efforts as teachers, leaders and coaches. To know this certainly lightens the worrisome load. My picture tonight is of the girls tubing.

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