Monday, August 20, 2012

“Do you remember the story in the Bible about the battle that lasted all day?” Eli asked me tonight as we patiently waited hours and hours to be discharged from in-patient status at St. Jude after completing his fourth and final course of high-dose chemotherapy. I’ve written before about the story of Aaron and Hur coming to Moses’ aid when he needs help holding up his arms for the duration of Israel’s battle with the nomadic Amelikites so that Isreal would win in the end. It is one of my absolute favs. I said, “yes, I remember, Moses had to hold his arms up all day.” He said “hmmm, well, that must have been the longest day.” Indeed, little man. He then said, “Eric and Rebecca helped him.” “Ummm, no, it was Aaron and Hur,” I said. “oh, Aaron, I thought it was Eric,” he said,” so, is Eric a Bible name?” I said, “I don’t think so, it sounds Swedish or dutch, or from just some cold place where blonds live. But, it’s not Hebrew.”  He said, proudly, “Oh…but I did know it was Rebecca.” “Um, well, no, I just told you it was Hur,” I said. “No, I knew that on my own, I told you it was her,” he said. “No, it wasn’t her, it was… well, it was HUR, but not her, not Rebecca, her….”, I said. “Well, what other kind of Rebecca is there, she’s not a him,” he said. “No, I’m not talking about Rebecca, she is a her, but the Hur that helped Moses is named Hur and he is a him. It’s the name of a man, it’s spelled different,” I said. “Well, I don’t know how to spell,” he said. Dear, readers, it is going to be a tough quarantine for the two of us. Please, pray his immune system recovers quickly for many, many reasons.
After being told all day that we were being discharged, finally, at 2133 hours a little boy joyously walked out of St. Jude hospital with only the accession to recovery in front of him. He didn’t want them to sing to him, and he didn’t care that the nurses had balloons for him, or a tshirt, or a card that they all were signing. If they could get it to him before the elevator doors opened, then great, but he had his papers and he was walkin’. I was lucky to get a picture of him because he wasn’t waiting in the room any longer. That’s what they get for unhooking him before they were ready. His pure elation was precious and I could hardly keep my emotions in-check. It had already been a challenging day because he had gotten pitifully upset with the stem cell transplant which doesn’t feel good, puts an awful taste in his mouth and makes him sick. But, his excitement tonight wasn’t the same as for a new toy, or even the same as for Christmas. It was pure relief excitement. He’s been patient and agreeable to do what he needed to do and what he was asked to do in order to reach this day that had been promised so long ago, and his heart was ready for it. No accolades necessary, just get him to a bed without plastic, he said. His little spindly legs were moving so fast that the awkwardness of his gait was noticeable. The halls of St. Jude this time of evening were completely empty and his little weakened voice echoed as he chattered breathlessly on our way to the parking garage. “Hey, mama, guess what…..”, “And, mama, guess what else….” ,“And, then, mama, guess what….” I think this was an entire Spongebob episode he was sharing with me; just in case I hadn’t seen that one during the 1500 times it was on today. So, we start back in the morning with regular St. Jude appointments, including school. As I’ve said before, “No rest for the weary or the cancer kid.”
Please, say a prayer for Makenzey tonight as she is preparing for surgery, but, if I read the post right, she may have had a clotting complication that caused it to be postponed. So, please, pray that her situation is corrected and that she is able to have the surgery she needs. Hunter continues to be in critical condition, fighting for his life as they make very minimal progress in getting him turned around. Yet, minimal progress is still progress. Please, remember the siblings of all these children as they adjust to school and home routines without their brother or sister, and one of their parents being with them. Make no mistake; Satan is stalking them as well. Though, the evil is subtle it is no less dangerous for our children at home as he clouds their thoughts with fear of the changes in their home and plants seeds of doubt in their immature hearts that God is with their families. They must know that, even though they are at home away from their sick sibling, they are part of the fight and have access to the same powerful weapon we do. I have been up front with my girls that Satan is responsible for the evil in this world from the beginning. The best way to fight him is just as God, through inspired writers, describes fighting him in the beginning – with Jesus. Genises 3:15 says “He (Jesus) shall crush your (Satan) head.”

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