Friday, July 27, 2012

We avoided a storm on our trip back to Memphis this afternoon. According to the radar, a storm cell kind of sat and spun on top of the highway that we travel to get here, almost like it was daring me to face it. But, I lacked the energy to wrangle with Mother Nature today and we were not in a hurry, so it was a battle I did not choose. When we finally did leave, we were about 20 minutes out when I realized that I had left Abbey’s medicine in the fridge. Caleb, of course, had fallen asleep when we left since I did not put him down for a nap anticipating our departure, so the majority of the time he slept was our trip through Athens the firs t time, back again, then back through the third time, then he was done before we got to Muscle Shoals – still two hours, plus, to go. Nevertheless, we made it by night fall with only one little stop for a nose syringe because Caleb’s nose has started running. He likes to do it himself, but I can’t get him to squeeze the bulb to push out the air before he puts it in his nose. So, he sticks it in and gives it a hard squeeze blasting air up his nostrils, then releases it. He never pulls anything out because he has blown it all up further into his sinal cavities with the first blast. I guess he will be another one of mine determined to learn from their own mistakes – if they will ever admit mistakes. “no, mommy, dat ok. I like to do dat.” Um, oh, you did, really, that’s why your eyes are watering. Eli has had a good, plain day. He had school, which we love for him to get to go to, and they have been watching some chemistries about his kidneys, so much so that it was the only reason he had blood drawn today was for that number. But, it was satisfactory for whatever they were looking at. I know one of the drugs is especially hard on the kidneys, which seems funny to say because what is any of it not hard on. His fingernails and toenails seem to still grow fine, so I guess there is that. He did eat an entire bag of French fries today, the little bag that comes in the kid’s meal. Vic told me, and I said “Did you say he ate an entire french fry or an entire bag of french fries?” Either way, I was excited, but it was the bag, albeit the tiniest one. He has been getting some fun stuff in the mail, so thank you so much for continuing to remember him in that way. He and I both have really loved the postcards, except it made me feel so deprived. I’m hoping Eli will go with the African Safari for his Make-a-Wish, so that we get to go somewhere really cool, although I envision losing Hg wandering off looking for an elephant tusk that might have fallen to the ground. But, he has his heart set on a camper for all of us to use. It will be very disappointing for him if they nix it because they have rules about not giving vehicles, but I’m hoping if he wishes for like a pull-behind then it won’t be considered a vehicle and it might work out for him. He has not budged off wanting that since we heard about him getting a wish. But, he also said he would settle for just a trailer, like an empty trailer to pull and haul stuff in. There is no punch line, his second choice is like a little lawn mower trailer from Lowe’s. Yes, the boy needs help with the wish, but, I’m afraid if I push him toward wanting to meet Jon Bon Jovi it might look a little fishy and I can’t seem to get the kid to be impressed with an Advil commercial. The picture tonight was taken in the hospital during this past chemo course. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, school, whoever wants a piece of him comes to get it even when he is in-patient. Eli actually has several appointments tomorrow. There is no rest, no weekend, a warrior fights on. Please, continue your persistent prayers for complete healing to be part of His plan.

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