Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The bell will sound for Eli in the morning to open his third round in the ring with chemotherapy. We checked in at St. Jude tonight to be admitted to an in-patient room where he is receiving fluids and blood in preparation for the first of three days of chemo tomorrow. After the beating of round two, I am anxious. A feeling that has taken up permanent residence in my gut, I think. Have I said before that I do not know how I am going to escape without an ulcer. I am in awe of his attitude. He never once has complained that Abbey or Hg get to do this or that while he has to, for example, stop play early so he can go back to Target House to have his nutritional supplement hooked up, or has to go to doctors’ appointments for half or more of a day. He was so agreeable coming tonight, and he knows what’s going on. It wasn’t out of naivety. Tomorrow will be rough even if it is a good day. He gets three different chemos over a period of six hours. Thank you for sharing Eli’s story in exchange for prayers. The picture tonight is of Eli on the playground. He was so proud to climb that ladder.

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