Monday, July 2, 2012

The stomach virus has spread to Kristie and the girls, so I'm glad they made it home safely before it hit. I miss having them here in Memphis, but I know it will be easier on them to recover back home. Here's a brief update on Eli:

Eli got another platelet transfusion today but he did just fine. He's been getting a lot of platelets to help with his recovery from over-shunting.  The rest of his blood counts looked good.  He got Vincristine today, which is the last of his chemo for this round.  One of the side effects is nerve pain, which can particularly affect his walking, so we are keeping a close eye on that.  We saw the speech pathologist today and Eli scored in the normal range for his age on pronunciation and English vocal skills, but she wants to continue to work with him on his vocal strength.  He does speak softly and there is sometimes a quiver to his voice, and she said that is fairly common and they often recover on their own.  However, she is going to start working with him just to help accelerate the process.  Eli continues to get his daily GCSF (bone marrow stimulant) and Protonix (stomach acid reducer) via IV.

A side story just for fun... Eli gets pre-medicated with Benedryl before he gets blood products now.  This often makes him even more mellow (if that's possible) than normal and nearly puts him to sleep.  So the nurse and I were commenting on how close he was to falling to sleep today (which I guess Eli was soaking up).  When the transfusion was over, I saw we could still make half of his school appointment, so we fly down there and I'm wheeling him in when the water works start.  Oh, I'm so sleepy; I'm tired; I won't be able to concentrate...  on and on it went.  I commented to the teacher that Kristie tells me this never happens with her (I need to contemplate the implications of that).  However, we go on to negotiate a compromise where he traded a half a day of school today with a full day tomorrow.  As we then settle into waiting for our next appointment, Eli turns and says, can I have my iPad?  Aren't you sleepy, I asked?  No, he replies.  Hmmm...

As always, thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers!!

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