Thursday, July 26, 2012

I’ve been combing recent posts to make sure that I haven’t been beating my chest on top of a mountain again. I thought I penned my regrets to that cocky foolishness, but I’ve felt like I was the recipient of payback today. I didn’t post yesterday, which always remember no news is good news per an earlier post, I had a visit from my high school and college BFF and was just too tired to write last night. She’s that friend everybody needs that neither time nor distance affects the way u laugh (she is the original quotee of “Stan’s got a frog in his mouth and I’m naked.”). So, it was so much fun and rejuvenating to get to sit and talk to her for a little while. I had them meet us at Target House because there is so much more to do there for all the kids (she had her three as well) than at the cabin. Eli knew we were there, and starved for some playtime, he really wanted to get out of his room, so we let him. He and Abbey played all afternoon. If you’ve been following us for very long, you can finish the story. Abbey woke up multiple times during the night last night, and finally when morning came she was talking in a bubble, which spells s-t-r-e-p for me. On top of that Caleb has had a complaint for several days, as well as Hg has been getting up in the night with something. Each of those matters delicate, so I’ll refrain from details, but we wanted our own pediatrician to see them all. So, once again, the day after seeing Eli from chemo I was headed home unexpectedly because of sickness which Eli has been exposed to.  (It seems like only a couple of weeks ago we came home with the stomach virus after round two) All of the matters have been resolved, with Abbey indeed testing positive for strep. So, I am terrified tonight that Eli has been exposed, as well as Vic. We are headed back to Memphis tomorrow morning. I was already packing up on Saturday to come home Sunday afternoon. The girls and I have a girl scout trip, then school will start in a week for them. So, I will pack them up for good and tell the cabin good bye then come home on Sunday. If Eli doesn’t get sick from the strep and have to be admitted, he and Vic will be quarantine at Target House. Vic and I plan to switch when school starts so he can go back to the brick and mortar part of his job while they are in school. So, then I will be with Eli until he comes home which I am hopeful will be the end of September. Eli has had a decent day. Vic said he was low energy and cranky. He received platelets today. But, overall, he was fine just not the bowl of sunshine he usually is. The picture tonight was taken just before this round of chemo. It is at the playground behind the cabin.

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  1. That's nice that there's a playground right behind your cabin. You guys sound BUSY! I hope everyone is back up and running at full speed soon!

    I just signed up to follow you on GFC.


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