Sunday, July 1, 2012

I have the incredible urge to find a really tall mountain to stand on and beat my chest while I shout “Bring it on!” And, maybe visualize blowing rain for dramatic effect. But, I’m calmer now, without a four-year-old puking while in my arms. His first time ever, by the way, and he took it like a champ. He’s much better and, honestly, it was one of the mildest viruses we’ve had, but I fear we are not done with it. I high-tailed it home today as soon as his heaves spread out by two hours because if I were to get sick, or if the girls and I got sick at the same time, we wouldn’t have much help there. Plus, I needed easy, immediate access to a washing machine, and that little cabin was hot, hot, hot for even a well person to be holed up in. With Eli’s counts at zero, which will last for a couple of weeks or so, they can’t be around anyone anyway, and I was headed home in three days anyway to get Abbey ready for camp this weekend. So, we got home this afternoon and Caleb seems completely normal. But, to keep it exciting Abbey ate some yogurt that expired in May. This was that organic stuff that doesn’t have preservatives. She’s been a little on edge all evening worried that she is going to start throwing up. So, who knows what tonight’s excitement will be. Eli has had a pretty normal day. He received his “G”, they call it which is the white blood cell boost, and another med. He is still on the antibiotic, and is getting his nutritional supplement 24 hours right now. This is in addition to the nausea meds he gets, and an appetite stimulant. He will get a couple of shots tomorrow so please pray that he does not have any kind of reaction to them. He is so incredibly sensitive to anything it seems like. So, same song fifth verse, I’m so happy to be home, but I miss being with Eli and knowing what he is doing and going through. I watch him so closely when I’m with him, that I just get addicted to it I guess. I stood over Caleb for hours last night, watching him for any flinching that might mean he was about to toss his bedtime snack, so I guess that kind of fed that addiction. Before Caleb was sick, we all enjoyed a visit with our friends the Robertson’s, so hopefully we didn’t share with them either.  I don’t know if I mentioned that Eli had a quick visit from his two of his football coaches and a teammate a couple of days ago. It was so nice of Coaches Webber and Hunter to come by. If you’ve seen the little video of Eli that I posted a while back of him with his first tackling dummy experience, this is the coach that was so patient to try to teach him how to “hit” the dummy. They were so good with him, and he made such great improvements. He will never play again, but it was such a growing experience for him as he learned that he could do some much more than he gave himself credit for being able to do - A lesson that is coming in handy already. Since I am not with Eli, I will post with pictures I’ve taken at other times. This is everybody at the playground behind the cabin. This was taken before this second round of chemo. Pray for him tomorrow as he receives his additional meds and that we didn’t share any viruses with him.

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