Monday, July 16, 2012

For the first time since April, I think, we went to church together as a complete family on Sunday – both services! If I may add here at the beginning, please, do not take for granted common blessings. So, on Sunday we visited Goodman Oaks Church of Christ in Southaven, Mississippi, which is only five minutes from the campground, and, yes, we were actually on time, which is probably the first time in years (Angie McClure could probably attest to that). It was a friendly congregation and I, at least, was mindful of the familial blessings as a member of the church. It was a bonus that the ladies wore pants seeing as I only have one, literally one, like I’m not exaggerating, one suitable summer outfit and it is dress slacks. I won’t go into why I only have one in this post. So, we savored our Sunday, but my hope for a Wednesday night is slim. Eli is enjoying the kids being with him. He had a full day of appointments today, so the kids and I got the mess at the cabin under control after having dumped it all in the middle of the floor when we arrived late Friday night and not touched it since. Then we took our laundry to Target House to add to the guys’ and did that and other chores at the apartment while waiting on them to arrive. Vic got in a couple hours of work while the kids played video games then we had dinner together (which Eli’s taste for several weeks now has been McDonald’s French fries. He likes very salty things, and he will eat half a small bag for supper), and they played on the playground together. But, it was so satisfying to see him laugh with them, and just to witness the strength of innocence he has to endure the battle. Hannah Grace (my hands-on learning girl) has rubbed his head a couple of times and Abbey asked him if cancer hurt. He shrugged his shoulders as if he had never considered the question before and said “Well, no.” I’m so thankful for this attitude and willingness to cooperate. He is such a good boy. I remember when he played baseball, I guess he was five, I helped with some of the coaching and dugout duties and it was the first time I had been around other little boys for any real length of time. I was in shock and could not stop kissing him after each practice or game. He had me so spoiled and I didn’t know it. I felt bad for nagging and nitpicking such petty things about him. Now, he has his moments for sure, but overall he is a laidback kid. Preliminary reports from the tests on Friday are said to be “good”. We have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow to find out what “good” means. I’m slightly uneasy tonight because we learned today that he is going “in-patient” on Wednesday night to begin his third round of chemo on Thursday. We thought we had until next week. It seems like we just finished this last round, but, alas, it is time to begin again. After the second round and its trouble, I am nervous for this round and I think Eli is going to be a little distressed as well. Add to all of that news from a couple of our buddies that is worrisome. Ryan, the other little boy from home that has finished his treatments for medulloblastoma, has been complaining about headaches and had some nausea. Please, pray that these symptoms will resolve and that his coming routine scans continue to be clear. Then also Lucy and her parents as they wait for biopsy results from surgery today. It’s all such an overload sometimes. We continue to receive your letters, cards, packages, and postcards. I didn’t realize so many people traveled so much and to such cool places. We even had a mini surfboard postcard, fun. And, he’s had some personal letters from some Auburn athletes, which is also really neat because when I was in college it would never cross my mind to write to a sick kid, unless he had a really good looking older brother with a cool car. The picture tonight is of Eli and Caleb playing on the playground at the campground behind our cabin.

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