Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eli has had a quiet day today, including school that he so dreaded yesterday. He is now off the antibiotic from his ICU visit, and with an ANC of 0 he is vulnerable. This is about the time he got sick last time and had to be admitted, so prayers for protection. Vic did say that he had eaten well today. The girls and I are better today, though not 100 percent. If I leave Sprite in the bottle and chocolate chip cookies on the table, something is definitely not right. Thanks to Vic for posting for me. Fading in and out of consciousness makes it difficult to write a complete thought, so I asked him to post the update. Thank you for your diligence and please share Eli’s story with other congregations around the world. God hears all languages. I hope the picture I’m using tonight I haven’t already posted. I know I’ve almost several times, so if I did, I’m sorry, here it is again. This is in Foley, AL from when we went to the beach. This was a very nice little train museum. It was a pleasant surprise.

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