Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eli finally hit 0 today with his ANC, so this is a fragile time for him and us. He has needed blood and platelets today, but that seemed to go well although he is premedicated with Benedryl and still begins to blotch up some during the infusion. He has been a little low energy. The other three and I spent most of our last day here at Mud Island River Park. We toured the Steamboat museum and they played in the water of the Mississippi River replica that runs through the park. After a full day of that, we came back to the cabin for packing. We are more than half done with only our overnight things, plus anything that wouldn’t need to sit in the car overnight and through church tomorrow morning left to pack and load. The picture tonight is of Eli’s hospital door while he was in-patient this last time. We had seen paints used on other doors and he several times had asked to do it. I finally figured out that they had the paint up front, so this is my artistic attempt for him – only him.

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