Tuesday, June 5, 2012

“What a vast advantage has a speech over a written composition. Men are imposed upon by voice and gesture, and by all that is conducive to enhance the performance. Any little prepossession in favor of the speaker raises their admiration, and then they do their best to comprehend him; they commend his performance before he has begun, but they soon fall off asleep, doze all the time he is (speaking), and only wake to applaud him. An author has no such passionate admirers; his works are read at leisure in the country or in the solitude of the study; no public meetings are held to applaud him.... However excellent his book may be, it is read with the intention of finding it but middling; it is perused, discussed, and compared to other works; a book is not composed of transient sounds lost in the air and forgotten; what is printed remains.” This is a quote I came across by Jean de La Bruy√®re a French writer in the late 17th century. I just thought I would use it to preface my thank you for your kind words about my posts and patient tolerance as I fumble through writing what I try to say. Eli has had a slow day. I had mentioned a transfusion, but didn’t have it completely correct. He received a platelets transfusion yesterday. They expect to give him a red blood cell transfusion maybe tomorrow. His temp is starting to creep up, so Vic is watching that closely.The picture tonight is just a beach picture I found that I liked.

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