Monday, June 25, 2012

Well, it's been a rough many hours since my last blog post. Eli continued to digress after chemo on Saturday. He struggled with fever and allergic reactions to any antibiotic they gave him, which they started because of the fever. They did not want to wait for his blood sample to grow bacteria and then be behind on medication if it did. So, he had horrible reactions to the antibiotics as in shaking, rash, and swelling, except for one that is cautiously dripped slowly. Plus, he had the usual post-chemo constant vomit and diarrhea. They came to me late Saturday night and said that his culture was positive for infection in one of his lines. Now, with a positive reading, they were moving him to ICU because his blood pressure was low and his kidney function had decreased so he was at high risk for sepsis. Which, I am sadly familiar with as my dad died from sepsis that he contracted after a botched routine surgery, so you can imagine my reaction when they started throwing around that word. So, at about 130 hours Sunday we moved to the ICU. The doctor stressed that moving him to ICU may be “overkill”, but she wanted him to have the one on one with a nurse that could do what he needed as soon as he needed it. Our current nurse was fine, but she was dealing with multiple patients. Plus, the doctor said that if they couldn’t get his blood pressure up with the extra fluids she would have to use a medicine that could only be administered in ICU. So, she wanted him there to get it as soon as he could if he needed it. So, we settled in and throughout the rest of those early hours and through the day Eli struggled with high temp and extreme diarrhea, but his blood pressure, oxygen level and kidney functions improved. Vic and I are able to both be here w Eli right now so about 6 pm Sunday night I went to our parent room to sleep and didn’t get up until about 4 a.m. I would wake up periodically and think, “ok, if I can count to 10 then I’m going to get up. If I fall asleep before I can count to 10 then I must need more sleep.” But those 10 hours was the most I had had in two nights. When I did get up they were both asleep. I could see through the window between the rooms. Poor Eli had reached his limit yesterday. He was crying pitifully that he just "wants to stop and go home. Not to target house our real home in Athens" it was heartbreaking. He's had enough of it all. We’ve heard they are not going to do any more chemo this round which I have mixed feelings about but we have to trust them and they said statistically it won't make a difference and it is not unusual, so, just got to exercise some faith there. We are not clear of the sepsis threat. They are testing the blood again, and I may be botching this up so when I talk to Vic I will correct in another post but if the bacteria is one kind it is an easy fix. If it its other then he will be considered septic and will remain in the hospital for two weeks on antibiotics. They had to stop another one yesterday because he was allergic but so far the one they say is perfect for sepsis he has tolerated. Talk about walking the edge! But the docs say we have lots of options for meds for him. He continued to spike a fever during the night but got up looking tons better and has not had a fever all day. When I left them last night both his lines were blocked and our nurse was working on some concoction to unclog them but it was weird that both clotted at the same time. But, they are working today and he is back on his TPN bag or nutrition supplement. Also last I heard we will go to a regular room today. If that happens I will leave the boys and be w the other kids at the cabin. They are w my highest paid help Melissa Green and in fact I think I will double her pay and give her a Xmas bonus for the peace of mind she supplies when she's got my kids and I will give her husband Bill a hearty slap on the back for letting her be my sub. Tonight the pic is from our zoo visit before this round. All I can say is we need him

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