Monday, June 18, 2012

We did not make it to Memphis today. I underestimated how hard it would be to unpack from camp, repack for camp in a week, and pack for Memphis for this week. Let me re-phrase: I underestimated how hard it would be to get two girls to unpack, repack, and pack again. To fairly preface, they were tired still today having only arrived home at 1830 hours Sunday. But, I think if I had had a literal whip to crack, Abbey would not have blinked even her good eye. And my pre-pubescent female will likely make post by only a hair because I will skin her by summer’s end. Ironically, cancer can’t stop life. Though Eli’s days pass not as we had ever assumed, the girls have their own individual paths to walk complete with hills and valleys and hormones. Recently, we had been sent by our pediatrician for Hg to see an orthopedic doctor. He told us that she has mild scoliosis. I had heard the word and knew it was related to the spine, but my first reaction was “Can she die from this?” Well, no, and it rarely worsens but he wants to watch her as she grows and will consider a brace if it changes. She may just have some back pain and be uncomfortable. I said “Ya know what Dr. Buckley, this is going to sound weird, but that’s the best news I’ve heard in a doctor’s office in a while. We’ll take it.” Eli’s cancer has not stopped the march through life for any of us, rather it has changed the tune by which we march, so on we go. I talked to Vic briefly today as we were throwing in the towel to make the trip and Eli had not eaten as much today and was having some tummy issues. He did not have lab work drawn as we had expected, so we don’t know what his ANC is. That is on the schedule for tomorrow. He is also having another pulmonary test because Vic said they were not happy with his last test compared to the one he had before chemo. So, I am anxious to hear about that as well as his counts. So, we are packed already, at least, and will leave out in the morning. Since we don’t have a residence there, we are hoping to pay for a safe, nice, nearby (don’t know if we can get safe and nearby, but we are going to try) hotel until Eli goes in-patient Thursday night, and then we will stay at Target House until he gets out. The picture I’m including tonight is going to be one of my very favs, I think. We took this at the zoo of the boys. Eli is an on-again off-again Auburn fan, so I don’t want to present a false facade but I just think this is a really good picture of them together and, of course, I am an always-on Auburn fan.

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