Friday, June 15, 2012

We are wrapping up the final Eli t-shirt order, so if you want one or want to replace the one that you have with a different size (write that it is to “replace” somewhere on the form), we need your form in the next couple of days. It’s in the “Docs” section of the FB site, or email with your name, size, and how you are going to get the shirt when it comes in - if you are with “school” “church” or “ship” with an address to ship to. And, we are glad to ship, so just add something to your payment to help handle that. The shirts are $7. But, be sure to email her don’t FB because she keeps her records via her emails. She doesn’t get paid very much for this, so let’s try to make it easy on her (btw: special shout-out to Jennifer Pennington for picking up the flag and carrying on during the last order). I think the last order was about 550 give or take 10 or so, I can’t remember. But, we will meet our goal of 100 for Stj kids, and complete that order this go around, so I will be excited to deliver that. Eli is having a good day. We had no appointments today, so we went to the zoo this morning, then came home for naps, then we took Vic to his favorite store “Best Buy”, favorite fast food KFC, and got his favorite sweets Shoney’s strawberry pie. Eli has eaten something at each meal today with a bite of a snack as well. He didn’t like it or want to, but we pushed knowing his nutrition has been cut back. That’s it for us, thankfully a lovely boring day. The picture tonight is of Eli and Vic’s nightly routine. Dressing changes for the line in his chest are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so Eli gets a bath on those days since the dressing has to be changed anyway. It makes for a very long evening when you add all the nutritional supplementing and medicines and prevention routines. Everything either gets measured, timed, warmed, cooled, sliced, chopped, or dissolved according to strict instructions. It takes focus, organization, attentiveness and diligence because his life depends on it. Add to that fighting him an hour for supper as well, and that puts us in for the night about 6 p.m. And, those are all normal things, no extras. So, the picture tonight is of Eli having his nightly chores done by his daddy. It’s not warming up for a baseball game, or coming in from the pool, or even meeting friends to catch fireflies. It’s what we and an astounding number of other families do each night in this world.

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