Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update: Eli's ANC is up to 500 (yay!) but he had a reaction to the blood transfusion and they kept him in the hospital. Again, I think that is one of those horrible scary things that they are use to dealing with and are not surprised by. It was scary though b/c he couldn't breath well, had to be put on oxygen, was throwing up. I think that means that from now on they "clean" the blood, but it makes it less effective for what they are trying to accomplish, so he will have to get it more often or more, something like that. So, not optimal, but doable. But, they may go to Target House this afternoon unless something else happens. An ANC of 500 is the minimum for them to leave the hospital, it is still neutropenic and he will have to be protected and visitors kept to the necessary persons. The picture I'm including was taken while Eli and I were waiting for his chemo to start. This is in a park at downtown Memphis.

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