Sunday, June 17, 2012

There is a stretch of highway between Corinth, Mississippi and Collierville, Tenneessee that has to be in the top ten of the blankest blocks of highly traveled 70 miles connecting civilizations in the country. It is very hilly, but straight. The road teases with the occasional church or house along the way, but I’ve learned not to fall for it knowing when to and where to make my stops – if any. I didn’t use my GPS to get out of Memphis today. I’ve been able to drive it in and out for a while, but always kept the GPS lady close by just in case I was wrong. But, I didn’t even turn her on today when we left. It’s weird, Highway 72, which is Poplar Avenue that Target House is on, is the same Highway 72 that is only about four miles from our house, which is the main vein of travel for us to pretty much anywhere. It’s almost like I drive out of my neighborhood, turn right and 200 miles later I’m at the Target apartment. That first night I left to go to Memphis, it was about 5 p.m. or so when Vic called to say that the ambulance was finally leaving Huntsville Hospital with Eli to go to St. Jude. I had been sick to my stomach from the news, literally was sick, and had cried myself a relentlessly pounding headache. Vic rode with Eli in the ambulance leaving from there and the plan was for me to meet them at St. Jude. That was changed to LaBonheur after contacting St. Jude, but it didn’t matter, I didn’t know where either one of them were beyond “Memphis.” Honestly, I was so sick and lost I don’t know how I made it. And, I wanted to go alone, so need to resurrect that. Once the sun left the sky, the blackness of that warm winter evening was thick. When I got to that stretch of highway it seemed like the darkness swallowed up any hint of light that tried to shine into it. And, that rough stretch of highway from Corinth to Collierville rolling under my headlights just seemed to never end. My body was numb and my brain was confused, so I had trouble focusing on executing instructions. I’ve already posted about the “helpful” policeman that stopped me that night, but thankfully I was able to fumble my way to where I needed to be in plenty of time. We had a great few days with Vic and Eli this weekend. Eli has, again, eaten a couple of bites of something at each meal time. He seems low energy, so I am anxious to hear what his ANC count is going to be without getting the boost. If it is good, we are all headed back tomorrow to try to take advantage of Eli being able to be around all the other siblings. The picture tonight is just of the boys when we went to the fire truck museum.

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