Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thanks to a local new friend, Eli got to ride the trolley safely today before his St. Jude visit. So, that was exciting and a great outing before lock-down.  He has eaten a handful of chips today, but, thankfully, nutritionally his feeding concoction gives him about 90 percent of his nutrients, but still I shudder when Vic tells me that. Caleb and I may stop for a quick visit tomorrow with Eli and Vic depending on his ANC.  Please, remember to get in your shirt order, this is for brand-new orders, or if you want a different size than what you got in the first round, then you need to let us know. We will ship to you just include a couple extra dollars. And, we will ship bulk, too, if you have a sports team or class that wants a shirt. We have a goal of 100+ shirts to take back to St. Jude to donate, so we will be ordering those and are close to reaching that goal. The picture I’m including tonight is of Eli and his oldest sister, Hannah Grace. I think I’ve already talked about Eli and Abbey, so I thought I’d share this relationship. They are 23-months apart exactly and Hannah Grace has always been the caregiver, albeit reluctant caregiver as Eli got older. Hg was clearly Eli’s favorite as a baby because as a four-year-old she understood how to play gently, and how to talk slowly with a baby, or how to just smile at him to get him to respond. As opposed to Abbey who at two just waved her arms wildly, got in his face yelling for him to smile, and squeezed his hands and arms all the time because they were so squishy. Not much has changed. Still at nine she could not play gently and quietly with anybody. As they’ve gotten older, Hg and Eli have grown apart as playmates, but if there is something to be built or designed Hg is who he goes to. If her hormones are in line, she is who teaches him facts and shows him how to do things. However, I’m a little worried about that because we’ve discovered that Hannah Grace has her own world with truths in it that are so because she says so. I’ve learned to always ask her “Is this something you read somewhere, someone told you, or did you make it up.” Honestly, you can’t tell the difference. She speaks of whatever it is with such surety and boldness that you have to believe her. But, if pressed, she might say, “Well, that’s what I think it should be and it sounds good, so in my world it is.”  She and Eli share a love of wild animals and old cars.

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