Monday, June 11, 2012

Seriously, I think that I’ve lost my sense of humor and it is not funny. If the devil claims that when all of this cancer business is done then he will certainly have a trophy to display. Without my sense of humor, who am I? I could only be Frank. I haven’t had a funny story since Barbie and Ken in the elevator at the beach, so I think I have pent up humor issues. I don’t know if I’m not able to recognize a humorous situation right now or if truly nothing funny has happened around me. There was a day where I guess my scowl was softer than normal and just random people would talk to me wherever I went that day. It was so many, that I actually almost stopped the last guy and said “ok, what is it about me that made you want to tell me that the 24-pack of water at CVS was cheaper than at Piggly Wiggly even with the club card. Did we make eye contact and I didn’t realize it because sometimes when my mind’s eye needs to focus it take the focus away from my real eyes and they just kind of stare until my mind’s eye is done.” But, I just said “oh, thank you,” like it mattered to me. But it was only the one day, not near as fun as the many months of unintentionally impersonating a Walmart employee. And, kid stories are a buck and a half a dozen on Facebook, (FB is traded publicly now, so a dozen is more than a dime). I don’t go to the gym any more, I don’t go to any church outings any more, no birthday parties, no girls’ night out,  so no fodder from any of the usual places. Eli and Vic were able to check out of the hospital tonight and are back at Target House. So, we are very thankful they don’t have to stay there until the next round. Eli’s ANC is at 900 today, so we are hoping that he will be able to take advantage of that and get out and do a few things before anything happens to make it drop, don’t know if it will or can, but our new motto is “why put off today…”  If it stabilizes around that number, he will be able to start his next chemo round on time, which I’m figuring will be in a couple of weeks. He ate a bag of chips and called to share the news, so that is another motto, “if it’s monitored by the FDA, it’s a meal.” Please, pray that infections stay at bay and that he strengthen over the next couple of weeks in preparation for round 2. If you have been following Lucy, the little one who is fighting exactly what Eli has, she and her family need your ceaseless prayers. The pain this family is enduring right now under the crushing hand of the Evil One is heart-wrenching. This devastated mother of a dying child describes the horrifying scene of the last hours they have on earth together. Please, pray for their strength, comfort and acceptance of God’s will. Pray for them to know God loves them and hates the evils of this world that sin brought about. Pray for this mother to have comfort in knowing that her child has made an immeasurable impact on others and that she will rest in the arms of God, untouchable and at peace. Please send cards to LaBonheur Children’s Hospital, Patient: Lucy Krull (mom and dad are Erik and Kate), 50 N. Dunlap Street, Memphis, TN 38103. Please add that you are a friend of Eli Williams. As you can imagine, though I have just recently been introduced via a blog to this child, her story is terrifying to me. Each day we take forced steps down this road toward a light on the horizon, but is it the sun to warm or a fire to burn. We were told Eli had about a 60 percent chance of surviving five years, but I have yet to read about any in the 60 percent. God willing that when we are in that 60 percent, there will not be a warmer or brighter light shining through those darkest nights than Eli. There will be no louder voice than mine shouting from the top of a mountain that has been moved from here to there. The picture tonight is just another beach picture.

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