Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I might have to rethink this thing about the girls going to a handful of Bible camps this summer because I have been on edge all week with us all spread out. I just feel a real need to spread my little stubby wings out really wide to huddle and cover. Caleb and I have had a good day minus his attempt to play with the big boys after church (since Abbey is gone and was not there to play and protect). They didn’t do what he wanted them to do, nor could they understand him when he talked. So, it was frustrating for him, but all will be well when he gets to go to Ms. Stacey’s to play with her train tomorrow. So, it has been a little unnerving being at home. Then I read a new blog today that is heartbreaking and scary. Please, pray for the family of 7-year-old Lucy. The story of this battle-worn baby is so similar to Eli, and I’m so sorry for their march tonight and the coming hours. But, also continue your prayers for Ryan who is doing well after some bumps in his road. Eli began running a fever today so he has been admitted to in-patient status at St. Jude.  It was disappointing although not a huge surprise, one of those horrible things that is normal. They are hitting him with some heavy antibiotics, doing a lot of testing to see what the cause is –viral or bacterial, I think. Vic is obviously with him, and he will not be discharged until his white blood cell count is 500. It is at zero today, and most of you are aware of his count history so I won’t rehash, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in-patient until his next chemo treatment. He has felt really bad all day, extremely nauseous. He received his red blood cell transfusion today, so I’m hoping that will help how he feels. So, this was just one of those days on the road that was not easy. I am headed that way to pick up the girls, but will likely not see the guys. I have had a sore throat and some drainage which I expect are due to being back in North Alabama now for over a week, but we just can’t risk anything more. The picture I’m including tonight is of our threesome. And, don’t get too drippy over it, Hg staged it. I told her it was completely false and unnatural, but she insisted it was the integrity of the sentiment represented not the sentiment of the subjects that gave the picture credibility as a worthy shot. So, the picture tonight is actually of future sentimental significance.

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