Thursday, June 21, 2012

I know I’ve missed a day (you don’t have to tell me, my OCD is flaring up), but I am having technical difficulty at this cabin, and the kids are staying up so late, it pushes me more into that sleepy hour when I finally sit down to write something. First, I hope you have followed Lucy and her blog before last, especially. Pray for continued healing and for her parents’ guidance in their decision making and understanding. It is truly an amazing story to follow. Who needs fiction? Secondly, I wanted to share that we’ve made some new friends at FedEx. The company is headquartered in Memphis, and I promise that you can’t go 2 minutes around the clock without seeing a FedEx airplane in the sky. Several weeks ago there was a mix-up with a package that went to my house that the retailer required a signature, but I didn’t know about the requirement. The chances that someone is there that often during the day are slim, so it never got delivered. The package was from China, so instead of returning international packages because of expense, FedEx drops them in some kind of warehouse black hole. I finally talked to someone helpful, I think it was Linda, and while talking to her she located the package and said it was in Memphis. What?! I’d been waiting and waiting for someone at home to tell me it had come, and it was right here where I was. So, I laughed and said I was in Memphis at St. Jude with my son and the conversation went from there. So, the story goes on, but Ray from headquarters came to see Eli yesterday and she brought him a huge package of FedEx goodies, including a race car, a jet, footballs, uniform hat, tshirt, and a FedEx piggy bank already filled up. And there was more, I’m not even sure I could remember it all. But, she also brought him a huge stuffed Panda. FedEx was the “official carrier” of the pandas from China to the Memphis Zoo. And, Eli actually told her that when she gave it to him and she was so impressed that he knew. I had no idea of the significance. Another funny thing is that Eli was a UPS guy for Halloween the year before last. We love our guys in brown. One of my favorite people as a kid was Poochy Black, a UPS driver that lived next door. I loved him. His son, also a UPS driver, is special, too. He took the time to stop on his break so that Eli could get a good look at the UPS piggy back that he drives. It was dark so I didn’t get good pics, but Eli and all the kids loved getting to see a truck like that up close. They would not have the chance to see something like that if Daryl hadn’t taken his time to stop. But, yesterday, Ray was trying to change Eli’s mind about favoring brown and I think she made a persuasive case. Anyway, it was a big deal for Ray to make that effort and I think she had some participation from co-workers, so we appreciate them making Eli feel special, especially when they don't even know us. He has worn the hat since she left, and has decided to be a pilot for FedEx. It makes me laugh. He’s like me, whatever is in his lap at the time he loves. If I’m at the beach, I’m all about some beach. If I’m in the snowy mountains of Colorado, I am made for the snow. I make a terrible juror, and so will he. Thirdly, (this is a checklist kind of post), it was so fun to see Aubie the Auburn University tiger mascot speak of Eli at his own social media sites. I graduated from Auburn, so I’m a big fan. War Eagle! Tonight, Eli was admitted into St. Jude to prepare for his second round of chemo which will begin in the morning, I’m guessing about nine. His ANC was down to 1300 today, and they were a little concerned about his red blood cell level. He is awaiting a blood transfusion now (yes, it is 1 a.m.) so that his blood pressure stabilizes. It was trending lower than they wanted going into chemo. All the rounds are scary, and will be rough, but this one is significant in that they will do an MRI at some point after this round to see how much of the tumors are left, if anything has changed. The pictures I’m including tonight were taken at the zoo yesterday.

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