Saturday, June 30, 2012

Again, I say, there is no rest for the weary or the St. Jude cancer patient. Eli and I were at St. Jude by 830 this morning for him to have blood drawn and vitals recorded. Actually, we were a little late because of the time it takes to get him his medications along with just getting him moving in general. But, from there he began his daily regimen of G-CSF injections, which is the white blood cell boost. He sits for 45 minutes to receive this in his line. Then we had a visit with the clinic that is responsible for him during the chemo. Oh, yeah, and he had school today. In my last post, I miswrote that his ANC – immune system- would be at zero in a couple of ‘hours”. I meant “days”, but I was right the first time. He is already down to zero today, which it is expected to drop just didn’t think it would be that fast. But everything else, all his numbers and chemistries, looked really good. Since Eli was headed to unofficial “lock down,” Vic and I switched tonight because it’s easier to get in his hours of work with just Eli. We are going to be more diligent with keeping him isolated this time. It would be hard on him emotionally to have to go back into the hospital for a fever so quickly after getting out. It will likely still happen, but I hope he at least makes it a week.  So, I am back at the cabin with the other three, and it is scorching hot as it is everywhere right now. The picture tonight is of Eli wearing his baseball camp tshirt that the Ivey kids got for him signed by the players and coaches. Also, we are having a lot of fun looking at where everyone is getting to go, or has gone, or where they live. I can’t remember if I’ve written this before, but I wanted to mail a package home one time, so I found the post office on campus. I took him with me, and the lady asked Eli what his name was. He told her and she said something like, “Well, I always wanted to know what you looked like. You are a popular young man.” I thought that was funny that the mail lady knew who he was by the volume of mail he gets. Thank you so much for your prayers for him. I can’t think of enough ways to say that so you can know that I am genuine and not just repetitive. But, we are thankful for our doctors and nurses and what they can do, but we know where the real power is, so thank you for helping us take full advantage of it.

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