Thursday, June 14, 2012

To God be the glory, great things He has done. Has anybody been to Lucy’s mother’s blog today? Well, when you do ( the power of prayer will be smiling at you. Her mom didn’t share any real info yet, but a great picture of this little girl who it was thought might not make it to the next hour every hour. But, the hours kept passing, the prayers kept going up, and look at her! I am eager and anxious to read the factual update of where she’s at and what the plan is with the cancer that has returned. But, tonight, sitting here with the kiss of a fuzzy bald head still fresh on my lips, I stand amazed. We often refer to Biblical stories to glean inspiration, but literally 4 miles from me tonight is a wonderful story of God’s power and the faith of God’s people. Please, continue your prayers for this child’s complete healing as she shines His light. Eli is cruising right now. His ANC was 7300! He will not get another boost, so let’s hope it holds. And, he took three very small bites of a piece of pizza, and a tube of yogurt. They have cut his nutrition back to just 12 hours hoping that his body will want to eat if it is not getting as much. We walked around at a car show tonight, which was nice because we all love cars, except Caleb whose steps leave train tracks instead of footprints. But, even though Eli’s ANC is up, we still don’t want him catching anything or fighting anything that will delay the chemo, which I can’t believe starts next week. And, I was wrong about what a normal ANC range is, it runs from 5000 to 20000. We plan to go to the zoo first thing in the morning trying to beat the crowd and only walk around at the outside exhibits and try to stay away from groups of people. We still like to limit his direct contact to only necessary persons. Caleb and I arrived this afternoon. We celebrated Vic’s birthday by letting him open the new phone he got me. Yes, that he got me. He wanted me to have a new one and it was not going to be delivered until Wednesday afternoon. He told me to stay so that I could get it and bring it when we came this weekend for him to play with… I mean format. So, that’s one reason why we didn’t come until today. He didn’t want an iphone sitting on our front porch for 5 days. For the record, I was doing just fine with my Android that is three or more years old. Yes, the exterior microphone didn’t work anymore, and yes, the GPS girl would sometimes run me in circles (in Memphis!!), and yes, sometimes it would freeze the network connection, and yes, sometimes it would block calls, and yes, there was always some kind of ghost download going on in the background that fails, and other things that it only needed a good whack to correct. It had quirks, I know it did, but I was comfortable with the quirks and new exactly the spot that needed a whack for each quirk. I actually hate having new things, or the latest gadget. It seems so mainstream, conforming, and spoiled. I run and turn and laugh at conformism. The more I’m wanted or expected to do it, the more I resist and fight. But, it makes him happy to buy gadgets and he feels too guilty to buy them for himself (although after all this with Eli went down and we were separated so much he upgraded from a prepaid emergency only flip phone to an iphone which has made it worlds easier to communicate with him), so he buys them for me or the kids. It’s easier to justify buying gadgets that way and he still gets to play with them. And, I will love it, I know I will, once I figure out where to whack it. Don’t worry; I gave him a new video game and controller to pass the time at Target House when he is not working. And, we will go to KFC for dinner, then to Kroger for a watermelon and I will find a Shoney’s with my new Siri friend for a strawberry pie for him… only him. The boys and I will get Subway. The picture I’m including tonight is from our last visit when Eli had the nutrition bag all day.


  1. Glad you got your new phone, and the best Shoney's in the are (what few there are) is out close to Sycamore View Church of Christ at the corner of Sycamore View and Summer Ave. We just ate there last week. Glad his levels are up and hope they hold as well as the eating thing.


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