Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We saw a little baby today. Although I only saw his feet sticking out from under the tray of a stroller I could tell he was about 5 months old. He was with his daddy and when they put the blue St. Jude registration bracelet on his ankle he kicked and kicked until one of his red Elmo face socks fell off. They were those happy, quick kicks. The kind that both legs draw up and then snap out a few times before pushing both legs out really straight like a stick, then snapping them back in for another round catching a toe on the bottom of the tray about every other kick. His daddy, a young tall guy dressed in cargo shorts and some kind of outdoorsy kayaking t-shirt, was very smiley. He tapped on an I-pad, then the baby would squeal, and he would look at him and say “Well, good morning to you, too.” Then a few seconds later, he would squeal again to make the daddy look, and he would say “Well, good morning, little guy.” They seemed like two happy fellers. Then they called for an “Eli Something” on the overhead to go to triage. The daddy said “Ok, that’s us” and he packed up his backpack and pushed the stroller away with red socks still kicking. Sadly, he did not seem to be lost. My heart is heavy tonight for one of the Line Nurses (a line nurse is the “expert” in caring for the ports and central lines. They are who teach the parents to do dressing changes and to flush the lines each day. You see them about every other day the first few weeks). Please, include Margaret in your prayers. Her 23yo son was killed in an accident over spring break at the beach after jumping into the water head first. He broke his neck. He was her oldest, and I can remember even during the few minutes we had together every other day or so early on how much she talked about her kids. She was very friendly and it was obvious what they are to her. Today was her first day back after a month off of work. What a sad path she finds herself walking right now and doing so while in this place. Eli has had a good day. He actually ate almost (almost) an entire 6-inch Subway. It took two sittings, but still I was very excited, although, it’s kind of too little too late because the TPN will happen probably toward the middle of next week. But, overall, physically it was a good plain day and emotionally we chose to make it a good day as well. Please be “aware” that May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, so remember Gray Matters. Lastly, I am so excited to be bringing 100 Eli shirts to St. Jude to give out to the kids. The shirts have such a positive spiritual message; I know somebody somewhere will be encouraged when they see it. Only about 60 of those are paid for, so if you would like to help with that effort message me. The picture I’m including tonight is of one of my Number 1 guys. He and I walk the zoo, walk the Target House campus, walk the stj campus, walk through Target and walk through Kroger talking about cars, cars, more cars and the occasional truck or reptile. This picture is at the Memphis zoo.

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