Monday, May 7, 2012

We decided to savor our slow day today knowing that it doesn’t happen often. Eli only had one tiny 30 minute appointment today and I think she was surprised to see us. It was for occupational therapy and she saw on his schedule that she was our only appointment and I think expected us to blow it off. So, we spent a bit of our rainy Monday morning waiting for a late shuttle to take us to the campus (we ride when it rains), then did a little bit of drawing for therapy. We came back to Target House for me to go to the gym for the first time in forever weeks, and then went guess where???? Yes, the zoo, of course, the zoo. But, it was a very nice afternoon with the rain long gone. I had a call late that my newly ordered glasses had been successfully shipped to a local shop. So, we tried to high-tail it as best one can using a cell phone GPS. I’ve tried glasses before for my astigmatism, but hated, hated wearing them even though the world was less fuzzy. So, I never wore them, but now, I have my old lady eyes and really needed help (we’ll see how long my tolerance for wearing them versus my tolerance for just making someone else read for me plays out). In the process of getting these, he still ordered the lens with a prescription for the astigmatism giving me a bi-focal lens. The lady asked me if I’d ever used a bi-focal. What? Of course not. So, she told me that I would kind of have to hold my head down so that my eyes don’t pick up on the bi-focal part at the bottom when I’m looking straight. But, my problem is my double-chin only lets my head go down so far. I don’t think they account for that when they measure for the position of the transition to bi-focal. The picture tonight is Eli getting his picture made in front of one of about 10 corvettes that were being shown at St. Jude. It is just a corvette club that tours showing their cars.

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